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I will appreciate and enjoy my life « Bella Bayliss's Blog


I will appreciate and enjoy my life

I dont go to the slowtwitch website often, but today I did and I saw an article on Jamie Whitmore. I dont know Jamie, I have never even met her, but I was so sad and moved by what I read.

I knew Jamie did Xterra and was really successful at it.
I read that Jamie was the 2007 XTERRA USA Champion, 2004 XTERRA World Champion and 2003/04 XTERRA European champion amoungst many other great achievements.

However, I read that in October 2007 she began to have pains in her legs. After tests it revealed she had a devastating cancer in her leg. In the middle of the triathlon career that she loved she had to begin to fight this awful thing.
Since then she has had many surgeries and lost the use of one of her legs. From what I have read there were many complications and many surgeries. I cant begin to tell you what she has been through.

She has been through such a tough time. She is dealing with it the best she can. She is desperate to be able to ride her bike again one day, even if it is just at a snails pace.
I think to go from the type of life we lead and love it must be absolutely devastating to deal with what she has.

I want to wish her all the very best. If anyone who reads this knows her, please tell her that all at TeamTBB pass on their warmest best wishes.

Reading what Jamie has been through made me think to appreciate and enjoy everything I do. I know we all know this, but sometimes we forget. After reading this, it reminds you.

I read all this on slowtwitch.com
Jamie also has her own website where you can post a message to her,

Please leave your comments on the forum.