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my win at Ironman Austria! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


my win at Ironman Austria!

Yesterday I won Ironman Austria! I am absolutely delighted with my win.

Winning Ironman races is not easy, but yesterday I did not make mistakes and I was strong in the swim, bike and run and got to the finish line first.
I even did my goal of a fast run! I ran 3 hours and 20 seconds! To run 3 hours has been my goal for a while now!

I did have a few problems yesterday, but nothing that stopped me. When I came out the swim my bike bag was missing! arghhhhhh! I could not find it anyway. After a while I got some volenteers to help me and somebody found it. Phewww. For a moment I thought my race was over.

After 10km on the bike one of my gear cables slipped. Luckily it was still ridable, but it meant I could not get my easy gears. I had to ride up the hills in my big gears!!

At 90km it was the special needs station. I was so diligent to get my bottle of drink, however somehow I dropped it and then ran it over!! It began to still on the floor but a kind guy got it before I lost it all. After a quick stop I sorted it out and saved enough drink to get me throo the 2nd lap of 90km.

Sometimes things happen and you have to deal with it.

It has been a great week in Klagenfurt. It is a beautiful place and the city really welcome the Ironman race.

Internet connection is not something that is common around here, so am off to hunt for a connection now so that I can post this!
see you soon

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