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my win at Ironman UK! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


my win at Ironman UK!

I am absolutely delighted to have won Ironman UK for the 3rd time in a row! I had been aiming at this race for a few months now and was definitely hungry for the win. It is really special to win in your home country, in front of such enthusiastic British crowds. I will never forget these very special days.

This year Ironman UK was held on a brand new course in Bolton. The swim was a 2 lap coursse in a chilly resevoir. I think all the athletes agreed it was a little longer than the normal 3.8km but never mind! We were all in the “same boat”!. I came out the water just in front of Abi! Abi and I have been swimming together in training and she has been really strong in the water so I was pleasantly surprised when I came first out the water!! ..sorry Abi, ..I’m not boasting! ..I am just happy with my swim! :)

The ride was 3 laps. 20kms on nice rolling countryside and about 40kms on technical twisty lanes. It was a fun course, I dont think anyone would have been bored on this course!
I enjoyed attacking all the corners and decents to make up as much time as possible.

The run was a twisty course on roads around the outskirts on Bolton. None of the athletes could suss the course out before the race as it was too complicated so everyone was in the same boat, ..it was like an mystical tour with no mile markers either! So it was like we were all running the marathon blind! ! It was differnet and quite fun!
The race finished outside the town hall in the centre of Bolton. It was a really special. The commentaters, Andrea, Whit and Paul helped to make it a real party too!

Abi had a great race and came 2nd. I must admit, I have noticed how well she has been going in training so I have been really on my toes these last few months so that I gave my self every opportunity I could to beat her! :)

After the race Stephen and I watched at the finish line and waited for Mark, (Stephen’s brother) who was doing his first Ironman. He did really well and went round in 13 hours! It was really fun watching all the athletes finish. In all my 36 Ironmans I have never been in a good enough state to be able to stay behind to watch!

Next year Ironman UK will be even better. The organisers had a really testing time organising this event and being a new venue made it challanging too. The weather did’nt help either. The rain did’nt stop the week before the race and it turned transition into an ankle deep mud fest. Actually, I quite enjoyed running to my bike in my socks in ankle deep mud! It felt nice and squidgy! ?!?!! but it really did not help the logistiks of the race organisation. Next year they will be more prepared for all these hiccups and Ironman UK will be even more special!

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