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my win at EmbrunMan! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


my win at EmbrunMan!

Yesterday Stephen, James, Keegan, Erika, Jocelyn and I raced EmbrunMan. This was my 4th time racing this one so I knew what I was getting myself into! I think at times the others were a bit surprised at what the course was throwing at them!!

The couple of days leading into the race the weather was really sunny and hot, 34 degrees! So it looked as though race day would be a good pre-Hawaii practise! And we were right, it was hot. No gloves or rain jackets needed for the decents this year!

At 5.50am the women start. At 6am the men start. The women had a false start to begin with!! After 20 metres we were all stopped. It is probably my fault, I heard a noise so went and everyone else followed me!
Anyway, we got underway a minute later, diving into the lake in the pitch dark and following the light on the canoe.
I lead the first lap, then another girl came throo to lead the 2nd lap. I checked under the water to see if I recognized the girl, .and I did! It was Erika! I laughed to myself, the 2 “non” swimmers of the sport were leading the swim!!! ha ha haa!!! Boss has really changed our swim in the past few years.

Erika and I came out of the water just ahead of the first men who started 10 minutes behind us.

Erika and I rode together for the fist 50km. Even though I felt good and strong for that first hour, Erika seemed to be warming up into it and got stronger. I decided to let her go and that I should ride at my pace. Going a touch too hard in the first 50km meant my legs felt horrible for the next 110kms!! Eeeek!!! I worked with what I had and they began to come around again at about 165km.

I managed to get off the bike with my run legs on! I ran the first 21km easily. I took the lead from Erika at 10 km. The next 21km did not feel so good! The last 10km I was just hurrying quickly!
But still, it got me to the finish line first and in a record time of 11.02.49!

Well done to Erika, to Jocelyn who did great! She thought she would be out there racing for a lot longer than she was. She got round in a very respectable time and in 5th place. And well done to James, Stephen and Keegan.

ThankYou Boss for your support all day. It was really good to have you there. Actually, it is Boss’s favourite race!! He would never miss this one! :)
He has now watched me race EmbrunMan 4 times and watched me win it 3 times! It is amazing how far I have come. Boss took me to this race in 2002, it was my first Ironman and it was very special to me as I won it! Now I have won it again for the 3rd time and overall, it was my 15th Ironman win!

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