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Panama City Beach

Monday, October 19th, 2009

The other day Stephen and I arrived to Panama City Beach, Florida (where Ironman Florida is held) We came here straight from Hawaii, ..like we did last year.

This is the 8th year in a row that I will race Ironman Florida! It is also the 8th time in a row that I will have my birthday here!

I like Panama City Beach, I have lots of good memories from here! Stephen and I also enjoy a few weeks of American life! Life is easy here!, everything you can imagine is on your doorstep!

3 years ago they built a new pool here, it is my favourite pool in the world so I enjoy swimming here. We always stay at the same accommodation, looking straight out onto the beautiful white sand and the Gulf of Mexico.

We also have Walmart on our doorstep, this is Stephen and my favorite shop as we can get every thing in there! ..food, clothes, bike maintenance stuff and anything else you can think of! and its cheap too!

This past weekend the Hotel we are in has been very busy as it has been full of old shaggers!!!??! but now they have left so it is all quiet and calm, ..just like we like it!
(We saw on a sign, that the “shag” is some sort of dance. So that is what they were doing here! lots of shagging!? ..its probably only British people who think this is very funny!! (..its a rude word!)


Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Here are a few words to tell you about my race today at the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii.

My result of “DNF” was dissappointing, that is for sure!
I was so motivated and excited by my last years 7th place, I really believed I could do that again.

I felt happier once the race was underway, those last 2 hours before the race are nerve racking! And being on the start line is no fun.
I had a good swim so I was happy with that. It was hard work and I had to concentrate hard.

I thought I rode ok, it was a fairly lonely ride for me, but I did pass a few girls and then a whole gaggle of girls in the penalty tent at Hawi!
Then I got to watch them all pass me while they continued to agresivly draft. I was not impressed.
The bike was hot, but no side winds this year. However there was plenty on head winds which was tiring to ride in.

On the run I felt hot from the start! At every aid station I tried to cool off, but it just did nothing. I was running ok for a few miles and ran myself into 13 position, but then I lost it! I felt hot and I was loosinng my strength. I got slower and slower and felt worse and worse. I could not go on, and mile 10 I had to call it a day. Dehydration is of no help!

I was upset. It feels awful to have a bad day.

But I am over it now. I am now believing that it was a good swim-run session for my next races!

Well done Teresa! I am impressed!

where is Bella?!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Yesterday Stephen and I arrived to Kona, Hawaii. It was great to be back where I have great memories of my 7th place finish at 2008 Ironman World Champs!

I was thinking how special it is and how lucky I am to be able to go to such amazing places to do my job. It is so beautiful here. I love it!
Sorry, no photos to prove it as I am a useless photographer. And this laptop is so small it can only do simple things!
Every time you go outside you see the beautiful ocean and mountain views.
It is funny, every race Stephen and I go to we see a “perfect” house where we could see ourselves living! We would have a lot of houses if we bought one at every race we go to!! ha ha haa

Coming into this years World Champs I feel good, strong and am looking forward to racing. For me, it was like a perfect fairy tale to come 7th last year. Once again I am aiming at top 10. That would make me really happy.