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Panama City Beach « Bella Bayliss's Blog


Panama City Beach

The other day Stephen and I arrived to Panama City Beach, Florida (where Ironman Florida is held) We came here straight from Hawaii, ..like we did last year.

This is the 8th year in a row that I will race Ironman Florida! It is also the 8th time in a row that I will have my birthday here!

I like Panama City Beach, I have lots of good memories from here! Stephen and I also enjoy a few weeks of American life! Life is easy here!, everything you can imagine is on your doorstep!

3 years ago they built a new pool here, it is my favourite pool in the world so I enjoy swimming here. We always stay at the same accommodation, looking straight out onto the beautiful white sand and the Gulf of Mexico.

We also have Walmart on our doorstep, this is Stephen and my favorite shop as we can get every thing in there! ..food, clothes, bike maintenance stuff and anything else you can think of! and its cheap too!

This past weekend the Hotel we are in has been very busy as it has been full of old shaggers!!!??! but now they have left so it is all quiet and calm, ..just like we like it!
(We saw on a sign, that the “shag” is some sort of dance. So that is what they were doing here! lots of shagging!? ..its probably only British people who think this is very funny!! (..its a rude word!)

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