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8 birthdays in PCB! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


8 birthdays in PCB!

Yesterday was my birthday! ..here on Panama City Beach for the 8th year in a row. I can only remember 1 year prior to Panama City Beach birthdays, and that was in San Carlos, Brasil. Boss gave me a present, ..a 10k swim then we all went to the meat restaurant and Monica gave me a chocolate cake! I can remember it was fun!

Unlike last year when I raced Ironman Florida on my birthday, yesterday was a quiet day. I chose a quiet day. Stephen surprised me with a lovely bunch of roses first thing and a little black mouse! :)

I had a lighter day in training yesterday so was able to chill out, catch up with some of my family and reply to all of you that sent me cards! ThankYou so much for thinking of me …and searching to when my birthday is!! Thanks to Stephen, I can now use this laptop without the urge to throw it out the window! ..my new black mouse is VERY useful! ha haa haa

Stephen and I finished the day with a nice meal at a restaurant we found here that serves a nice meal and that is not deep fried, in a burger or “all you can eat”!!

Next Saturday I am gearing up to celebrate a late birthday present to myself! :)
Ok, back to work now, …

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