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Bella’s Ironman Florida report. « Bella Bayliss's Blog


Bella’s Ironman Florida report.

Yesterday I raced Ironman Florida for the 8th year in a row! I was excited to see what I could do since winning 5 times here is a real motivation!!

The sea had been as flat as a pancake for the previous 5 days, but race morning there was a real chop going on! It probably did’nt look much from the beach, but when you were in it, you were being taken up, down, up, down and plenty of mouth fulls of sea water too! but its even rougher today, so I am glad I dont have to go in it today!!

Onto the bike, it was a cool morning but a nice temperature, ..much warmer than the previous few Ironman Florida mornings.
I rode well. I rode it on my own, once I caught Heather Gollnick, she was always close by though. It was sickening to see the huge packs on the out and back section. My heart sank when I saw my competition in there.
But what do you do? ..I just had to continue with my race.
The 10 minute head start in front of the age group men is like a free fast train ticket to the front of the race! And for those who like to draft, they jump on the fast age group men as they pass!

Off the bike I felt ok. I had some decent run legs so got set to work. I seemed to be eating into the time between me and the 3 ahead. By 13 miles I was into 2nd. I also felt more refreshed after telling the race organisers who were all standing at half way, “the women need a 30 minute head start”
I kept eating into the leader, but with 8 miles to go I was not feeling so strong. I kept the food and drink going in but I just could’nt push like I needed. With 4 miles to go Kozulina caught me. I was mad! I screamed at myself! But then found a second wind from somewhere and got right on her. It surprised her! So she tucked in behind me! We ran like this for 3 miles, she surged 3 times to try to get rid of me, but I did’nt let her get away. On the 4th surge and a mile to go, she got me.

I felt deflated crossing the finish line. Winning is much better!! ha haa!!!
Once again I told the race organisers right there on the finish line,
“the women need a 30 minute head start. why cant we have a fair race?”
It would have been interesting to have seen the result of this race yesterday if it had been a race with no age group men in the way.

It was great having Stephen there to support me. He was an amazing support to me from 4am to 9pm. thankYouuuuuuuuu!

Well done to Jocelyn. I am so proud what she has done. She has really turned herself into an athlete. Night and day to when I first met her. She looked great out there AND she got 10th place! She said she wanted top 10, and she got it! Woheyyyyyyy!!!

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