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“deja vu” « Bella Bayliss's Blog


“deja vu”

Right now life feels like a “deja vu”! Well, I suppose it is! I have now done the same thing in Panama City Beach for the past 8 years! And last year we then went to Clearwater like we are doing this year!

After Ironman Florida Stephen and I were planning to drive to Clearwater on the Tuesday morning. However we ended up throwing everything in the car on Monday afternoon after his training as we could see on the weather channel that there was a hurricane coming straight for Panama City Beach! I know that Panama City Beach can have hurricanes and I did’nt really want to experience it! So we drove away from it in the direction of Clearwater.
The rain seemed to follow us all the way to Clearwater! But luckily no winds came. Although I dont think the winds even went to Panama City Beach in the end either!

To me, Clearwater is a funny place to have a race. It must be a nightmare for the organisation to close such busy roads on a Saturday for the race! This area is just so busy! …millions and millions of cars. Last year we stayed at a hotel “recommended to us by the 70.3 website” ..I dont know why they recommended it as it was it the middle of the city! riding was very difficult! Although we did find a stretch of a 3 mile long highway maintenance road that was safe to ride on! This year we are staying at Clearwater Beach and actually we managed to ride yesterday! For 40 minutes in one direction, with a bike path! I was impressed!

Yesterday was Veterans Day. It meant all the pools were closed. the sea was very rough so I had to do some work to find a pool. Anyway, I found one, but what made me laugh during my swim was this old man that came up to me and said “could you please swim making less splash. You are making the ladies hair wet” !!!! Ha ha haa! I thought that was funny! I had never heard of such a comment before!

Anyway, I am here to support Stephen this weekend. I can see that he is calm and determined to do a very good job. I will also be standing on the bridge with a long whip. So if he is not where I expect him to be, he will get a lashing!

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