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I had not heard of the island of Cozumel until earlier this year when Ironman announced a new race here on the 29th November 2009.
Cozumel is a small beautiful paradise island off Cancun, Mexico. The population is 70,000. I am pretty sure the main bulk of people live in the only city, San Miguel. A lot of the island we biked past today is like a deserted island! Beaches like you see on that film “Castaway”

San Miguel is quite busy. On the sea front it is mostly tourists who have come off the HUGE cruise ships who come to visit.
But away from the beach it is busy life as usual for the locals. Its funny, many things really remind me of being in parts of Brasil.

I feel very fortunate to be able to come to these amazing places to do my job, and of course with the person I love.

We are staying at a very comfortable apartment right on the sea. Its funny, when you look out of the big bedroom windows you feel like you are in a boat because the water is right there!
Thankyou Isabella for making our stay so comfortable.
I recommend a stay here if you come to Cozumel,

So you might think I am having a relaxing holiday from what my words, dont be fooled!! I am definatly appreciating where I am, but also I am definatly focused for the 29th November.

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