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Ironman Cozumel, last race of 2009! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


Ironman Cozumel, last race of 2009!

Since we have great internet access here, I would have normally got my blog up last night, but since the race I have not been doing so well :(

I am coming round now, but last night was’nt so fun.

So yesterday I raced Ironman Cozumel. What a beautiful place to race my last race of 2009.
Although however “beautiful” it is that you do your ironman at, it does’nt make your day any easier!
You have to go the whole distance and it hurts after a while!

The swim was in beautiful warm and crystal clear water, although it was hard work going against the current. Caroline and I came out the swim together, we did ok but I think we are capable of making the group that got away from us.

The bike was 3 laps of 60km. I managed to catch Edith and Bree by 40km so felt like I was back into the race. When Yvonne caught us by 60km I was a bit disappointed! I was hoping not to see her for a good bit longer! She was riding very very strong. I stayed with her for 20km but when we got to the windy section I had to let her go and continue at my speed. I caught Eva by 120km so was sitting in 2nd place even though Yvonne was taking time from me. The final lap was hectic with all the slower athletes wobbling about on the road. I had to concentrate not to get knocked off by anyone. The aid stations were crazy with the slower athletes hanging out for rests at the aid stations! And by the final few aid stations they were running out of drinks so I was not getting what I wanted.

Into T2 I did what I needed to do which was slower than Edith and Bree so I came out a touch behind them. I got into my rythem and ran past them quickly. I got a split from Hilary of 9 mins to Yvonne. It was nice to see Hilary out there. I hav’nt seen her since IM Lanzarote. Although she was meant to be racing so I am not sure what happened to her.
I really got to work on the run believing that I could still catch Yvonne, but not only did she ride strong, she ran strong too. After 30km I came to understand that I was racing for 2nd, but I was determined not to let Edith get any thought of catching me. I absolutely did’nt want to have a sprint finish with her like I did in 2008 at Ironman South Africa!

I could tell Stephen was’nt having a good day on the run and he seemed to disappear so I was also determined to get a decent result so that we walked away with some money from this trip here.

I came 2nd. I feel ok with that.

Now we will have a little break from racing. I feel a little recovery will be good for me! Its been a good year.
Stephen and I are heading to the UK to spend a bit of time in Scotland and London. We are looking forward to seeing our family and then we are looking forward to 2010.

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