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Lunch at ASK

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Yesterday Stephen and I were special guests at the ASK restaurant in Brighton!


I have met a very nice lady here on our forum, Emma English who is training for her first 1/2 Ironman in South Africa then Ironman South Africa a month later.
Emma offered Stephen and I to a meal at one of her many UK restaurants in the UK! We took her up on her offer yesterday and took my Aunti Fiona, Uncle Paul, my Grandma and my 3 young cousins, Kirsty, Natalie and Becky!

ThankYou to the staff who treated us all like Kings and Queens at ASK in Brighton.

ThankYou Emma for being so generous to us.
I wish you all the best with your continued hard and dedicated training that you are doing in preparation for your upcoming races.

Video from Scotland

Monday, December 21st, 2009

YouTube Preview Image
Here is a video which I made of me interviewing my husband Stephen. We are at my parents house in Scotland.
Appologies for stephen not being the right way up, so be warned you may get a stiff neck!

I’m now Mrs Bayliss!!

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

..well yeah, I know, I have been Mrs Bayliss for 1 year now really. But on some forms (ie, my passport) I was still Bella Comerford!
However, today we had an appointment at the Passport Office to get a new Passport! I am now officially in all areas, Mrs Bella Bayliss!

Last night we arrived to Scotland. It is nice to be here even though it is FREEZING!!

We had a weird trip. Once we were checked in for our flights at Cancun Airport, 3 hours later we had’nt gone, then it was cancelled!!! EEEeeeek!!!

However, the airline managed to re-book us on a new route and we ended up arriving to Glasgow 4 hours before the original time we were going to arrive!! ha! How about that!

Tonight Stephen and I are treating ourselves to a night at the hotel we got married at this time last year. We are looking forward to a lovely time! :)