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we do the opposite!

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Right now we are at our home in Leysin, Switzerland. It is a ski resort at this time of year! ..its very beautiful to look at! And lots of skiers to look at too.

I was noticing yesterday how Stephen and I seem to do the exact opposite of all these skiers!! When they are going skiing, we are going swimming! When they are going skiing, we are going running! When they all drive their cars up the mountain to go skiing, we are riding our bikes down the hill to go riding! When we are riding home, it is constant ski traffic coming down the mountain from their day of skiing!

I dont mind the skiers really. Except some of them are abnoctious! ..they walk about with skis over their shoulder and take up the whole road with their group of friends. ..trying to get by them when your running is sometimes a nightmare, ..especially when they turn around suddenly and nearly slice your head off with their skis which are over their shoulders! arghhhhh.

Its funny, in the summer there are very few people on the mountain side, but at this time of year it is so busy. Its like a fashion show for many of them. Thousands of dollars worth of kit strutting about the mountain side!

Maybe one day I will be tempted to strut about with them on the mountain with skis on. ..right now, I am happy for them to laugh at me while I do the opposite to them! ..strut about on my Cervelo and Avia running shoes!

going home!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Tomorrow Stephen and I go home after a 4 month, 1 week trip around the World!

so where have we been on this trip?

Well, our trip started when we left Switzerland at the beginning of September. We went to Jeju, South Korea to train, we then went onto Hawaii for the World Champs. From there we went to Panama City Beach Florida for Ironman Florida where I came 3rd.
We went to Clearwater for the 70.3 Champs for Stephen then onto Cozumel, Mexico for our wedding anniversary and Ironman! I came 2nd there then we headed to the UK.
Since being in the UK we have visited our family and done a few necessary things in Glasgow, Perth, Edinburgh, Aberdeenshire, London, Brighton and Bournemouth. Jeeez we get around!

what do we take on our trip?

well, we dont take much! but what we do take is vital! We take ourselves and passports. Our bikes, running and bike shoes. Some tools for the bikes. Wetsuits, speedsuits, a bit of training gear, race gear and the cloths we stand in! Much more and we are charged for excess baggage. We do seem to collect extra things as we go about, but when we do that something else has to go to make room in our bags so we are often throwing things out.

We are looking forward to completing our trip around the world and being in our home in Switzerland for a while. It wont be long before we pack up our vital belongings again to head to some warmer weather to train properly for 2010 races.

how excited are you to train?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Heading out.

I am not sure anyone else was as excited as I was to be able to train yesterday! I was like a little kid. I was dressed in my running stuff for 2 hours while I counted the mintues down before I could call the hospital to get the go ahead to train! At midday the doctor said, “yes, you are good to go” so at 2 minutes past midday off I went running.

Then in the afternoon I went swimming. My first swim of 3 weeks. I was so excited! I wore my cap and googles in the car on the way to the pool! ha ha haa, only pretending! I did’nt really.
It felt very wierd swimming again. My arms felt a little bit out of control and it felt strange having them go around! And I could feel the water! ..not the “feeling” that great swimmers have. More in the sense, I was very aware of the water around me and on my hands as I pulled my arms throo the water.
I am not usually as aware of the water around me like I was yesterday, ..I suppose I am usually in the water so much it just feels normal!

It also made me aware of people who go into a triathlon with not much fitness. I felt a lack of fitness and strength yesterday and I expect that is what some people feel going into their race. Eeek, not how I would like to go into a race.

Anyway, any of you thinking, ha ha, I will beat Bella the next time I race her, cos she has been ill and resting. Dont be fooled. I will be all over you like a red rash come race time.!

The photos here are of me running today. Croydon has had a surprise dump of snow!

Coming back.

getting good at walking!

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

For the past 3 weeks I have been practising walking. Yes! walking! not swimming, not biking not running.
I hear you ask, …why? what is she doing!!

well, It is definatly not what I chose to do.
I had a small operation 3 weeks ago. To remove some bad cells from inside of me. To prevent possible cancer in time to come. So best to get them out.

The hospital wanted to take these cells out mid 2009 but that would not have fitted into my race schedule so I managed to persuade them to do it the operation in December.

The operation was not a big deal to me really, I mean, its definatly not pleasant but what has been harder for me was when the docoter told me to take it very easy for 3 weeks at least. Well, Bella and the word “easy” dont go in the same sentance so basically its been quite torturous!!

I am nearly at the end of my 3 weeks and am most definatly looking forward to doing my swimming biking and running. I am sure I will have some sore muscles when I get going agin. ..like I did when I began walking 3 weeks ago. I got a stiff back and sore legs, but now. Oh I am a good walker! I go up hills, down hills, heavy rucksack on, nothing bothers me now.
..except the pain of not doing what I want to be doing.

After my medicine I was allowed to have some alcohol again so I celebrated on the 29th December with a nice glass of wine! :)

Although this has been an inconvenience, I have decided its a lot better that the inconvenience of cancer. So I best try to remember that.

I hope you are all well,
Happy New Year
see you soon

Stephen and I relaxing after Ironman Cozumel