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getting good at walking! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


getting good at walking!

For the past 3 weeks I have been practising walking. Yes! walking! not swimming, not biking not running.
I hear you ask, …why? what is she doing!!

well, It is definatly not what I chose to do.
I had a small operation 3 weeks ago. To remove some bad cells from inside of me. To prevent possible cancer in time to come. So best to get them out.

The hospital wanted to take these cells out mid 2009 but that would not have fitted into my race schedule so I managed to persuade them to do it the operation in December.

The operation was not a big deal to me really, I mean, its definatly not pleasant but what has been harder for me was when the docoter told me to take it very easy for 3 weeks at least. Well, Bella and the word “easy” dont go in the same sentance so basically its been quite torturous!!

I am nearly at the end of my 3 weeks and am most definatly looking forward to doing my swimming biking and running. I am sure I will have some sore muscles when I get going agin. ..like I did when I began walking 3 weeks ago. I got a stiff back and sore legs, but now. Oh I am a good walker! I go up hills, down hills, heavy rucksack on, nothing bothers me now.
..except the pain of not doing what I want to be doing.

After my medicine I was allowed to have some alcohol again so I celebrated on the 29th December with a nice glass of wine! :)

Although this has been an inconvenience, I have decided its a lot better that the inconvenience of cancer. So I best try to remember that.

I hope you are all well,
Happy New Year
see you soon

Stephen and I relaxing after Ironman Cozumel

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