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how excited are you to train? « Bella Bayliss's Blog


how excited are you to train?

Heading out.

I am not sure anyone else was as excited as I was to be able to train yesterday! I was like a little kid. I was dressed in my running stuff for 2 hours while I counted the mintues down before I could call the hospital to get the go ahead to train! At midday the doctor said, “yes, you are good to go” so at 2 minutes past midday off I went running.

Then in the afternoon I went swimming. My first swim of 3 weeks. I was so excited! I wore my cap and googles in the car on the way to the pool! ha ha haa, only pretending! I did’nt really.
It felt very wierd swimming again. My arms felt a little bit out of control and it felt strange having them go around! And I could feel the water! ..not the “feeling” that great swimmers have. More in the sense, I was very aware of the water around me and on my hands as I pulled my arms throo the water.
I am not usually as aware of the water around me like I was yesterday, ..I suppose I am usually in the water so much it just feels normal!

It also made me aware of people who go into a triathlon with not much fitness. I felt a lack of fitness and strength yesterday and I expect that is what some people feel going into their race. Eeek, not how I would like to go into a race.

Anyway, any of you thinking, ha ha, I will beat Bella the next time I race her, cos she has been ill and resting. Dont be fooled. I will be all over you like a red rash come race time.!

The photos here are of me running today. Croydon has had a surprise dump of snow!

Coming back.

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