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we do the opposite!

Right now we are at our home in Leysin, Switzerland. It is a ski resort at this time of year! ..its very beautiful to look at! And lots of skiers to look at too.

I was noticing yesterday how Stephen and I seem to do the exact opposite of all these skiers!! When they are going skiing, we are going swimming! When they are going skiing, we are going running! When they all drive their cars up the mountain to go skiing, we are riding our bikes down the hill to go riding! When we are riding home, it is constant ski traffic coming down the mountain from their day of skiing!

I dont mind the skiers really. Except some of them are abnoctious! ..they walk about with skis over their shoulder and take up the whole road with their group of friends. ..trying to get by them when your running is sometimes a nightmare, ..especially when they turn around suddenly and nearly slice your head off with their skis which are over their shoulders! arghhhhh.

Its funny, in the summer there are very few people on the mountain side, but at this time of year it is so busy. Its like a fashion show for many of them. Thousands of dollars worth of kit strutting about the mountain side!

Maybe one day I will be tempted to strut about with them on the mountain with skis on. ..right now, I am happy for them to laugh at me while I do the opposite to them! ..strut about on my Cervelo and Avia running shoes!

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