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from -10 to +30

Today we arrived to the other side of the world, ..far far away from the ice and snow!
All we had to do was get on a flight, a flight that would take us for almost 14 hours away from the cold!
We left Switzerland in -10 degrees. We were all rugged up with hats, gloves, jackets and face protectors!
Along our flight route, we landed in London, in blizzard snow conditions but now we are in Kuala Lumpar which is not far away from where our TeamTBB training camp is being held.
It is +30 here! So we have left behind all those winter clothes and packed only the tiny-est under garments that we wear under all our winter clothes in Switzerland!
We will be at our training camp in Thailand for a couple of months preparing for the 2010 races. I will be training hard as I want to finish 2010 like I did 2009. check out http://ironmanrankings.blogspot.com/
Bella is at the top!!!!

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