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2nd week of training in Krabi « Bella Bayliss's Blog


2nd week of training in Krabi

So 2 weeks have flown by here in Krabi. I feel like I just blink and suddenly another day goes by.
The Team have had their heads down with training.
In a whole 2 weeks we have had only 1 hour of rain! ..but that 1 hour of rain made up for the fact there has been no other rain! Nice for us, we were not actually out training in it! I meant to take a photo of it, as it was quite impressive, but I am useless with our camera so you’ll have to imagine what it was like!
Unfortunatly for Tamsin, she did not have such a good week, crashing on her bike and breaking her collar bone. We wish her a good and fast recovery.
This week was Ironman Malaysia. We wished Hiro, Jocelyn and Beck all the best as they took a rode trip to Langkawi.
So the race is now done and dusted and back here at base camp, we were so happy to see Hiro battle out a smart race in the heat and come 2nd.
It was also great to see Jocelyn doing a great training day to get her in shape for the year ahead. She came 5th! Her best Ironman result yet. I am happy for her, but very disappointed she wont be paid.
Its sad, she came 10th in Florida last year and IRONMAN rules had changed as they no longer paid 10th place. She came 8th in Cozumel, and the rules still made it impossible for her to be paid.
Now, she comes 5th! GREAT work Jocelyn. BUT DOES SHE GET PAID FOR IT???!!! NO she does’nt. Is’nt that infuriating. How is a young, enthusiastic and hard working triathlete meant to earn money?
Thanks IRONMAN. NOT. You bunch of money greedy business men.

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