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a short scary story…

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

no, this is not photo of the dog that got my inner tube.
and no, this is not a piece of art work made with my inner tube.

This is what happened today, …whilst riding my bike! eeeeeek.

Unfortunately one of my spare inner tubes decided to come out and get into my back wheel whilst descending down the steepest part of a hill we use here in Krabi. All the “Krabi Campers” know which part I am talking about. …the bit where we can easily clock 70kph +
Yes, this is the part where my inner tube went into my back wheel.
I experienced (what felt like) record breaking speed wobbles. Wobbles that I struggled to hold onto. But dam, I was determined to hold onto my bike! Going at 70kph is definetely not the speed I want to come off my bike. I must admit, I did have visions of myself flying throo the air and scrapping myself onto and along the tarmac.

Anyway, I held onto it and managed to stop without hurting myself in any way. Sorry to all my witnesses, Stephen, Beck, Teresa, Maki and Donna, …who all got to see this scary scene!

Moral of my story is:
make sure you have everything on your bike tightened up. and any flappy things, well strapped into place! It is NO good if things get into your wheels whilst riding, especially whilst descending down mountains!

my race report of Singapore

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I hear you say, ..but she was’nt racing, was she?
your right, I was’nt racing, this is my race report from watching the race!

I was very happy to go to Singapore with Stephen to watch him race. I thought he was fit and strong and ready to do a very good job.
I never had the urge to do this, a 70.3 as my first race of the year was not my cup of tea, and especially being in Singapore where the heat and humidity puts even more of a challenge on the race.

Nick Munting, the organiser of Singapore 70.3 was very kind and put Stephen and I in the nice race hotel, ..a very comfortable stay, thankYou Nick.
On Saturday, the day before the race it poured with rain making it so much cooler. Even I would’nt have minded racing if it would be like that! Anyway, race morning it was dry and normal Singapore weather.

At 7.10am the pros started. Arghhh, I hate watching the start! It is so nerve wracking. I go into a trance trying to will Stephen to do the right thing. When I saw him swimming a bit to the right when he should have been going left, theres me on the beach swinging my arms to the left, to try to tell him, “GO LEFT”
Anyway, once underway I relax a bit and jog to the biggest bridge, where if needed, I can give a split that can be heard. But no need for splits in Singapore, ..Stephen is in the right place! In the front group with Barney just a touch ahead.
I watch some age group athletes, notice their bikes and positions then jog back to the run course area before I get stuck on the bridge. (In Singapore the bike route is along one lane so once everyone is out on the road, there is NO extra space for me to be running there too!)

I jogged up and down a 3 minute long piece of the run course waiting for the boys to come. I was jogging, joggin jogging, and then one time I look up and there is Stephen running towards me with the kead bike and Craig behind him. I almost choke. “PERFECT” I shout. “Now control this” I said.
Wow, maybe this is going to be a great day! The sort of race Stephen thinks about having all the time.
James is also there in the group looking good.

When I next see the boys come throo, Stephen is’nt on the front, arghhhh, he is 1.30 down and not looking so fresh and bouncy like he did before. He tells me “cramps” . I tell him get the energy drink in. He struggles around with horrible cramps but holds onto 5th place for some of WTC’s stingy prize money.

While Stephen is fading, James is powering on. He ran a really good race and was great seeing him power into 2nd and not far behind Craig.

Caroline also looked good out there, powering into the lead near the end of the run to beat last years winner, Jodi Swallow.

Jan was also racing, however he was having a learning experience of what the REAL world of racing is all about! He has some work to do but he’ll be back.

I have no photos to show you. Sorry. Stephen would have probably punched me if he saw me taking a photo of him rather than giving some information, …well, actually, Stephen probably would’nt punch me, …but I would punch him if I was racing and I saw him taking a photo of me! ha ha haa :)

Ok, back to Thailand now. Each time I come back here it makes me appreciate being here with our simple and quiet training facilities. 4 weeks more training for me then I race Ironman South Africa.

Dirty weekend in Singapore!

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Ha ha haa! ..that was just to get your attention!

Stephen and I were in Singapore, but it was’nt actually a weekend, it was a couple of weekdays, and actually, it was’nt all that “dirty” either! …..sorry!

Stephen and I had been in Thailand for just over 18 days so it was getting close (ish) to a Visa run (UK passports only get 27 days at a time in Thailand)
We made the trip worth while by going to see our sponsor, The Bike Boutique, in Singapore to pick up our 2010 Cervelos.
Azmil the bike mechanic did a great job building our bikes up with our new 3T bars, ISM saddle and new Sram Red components. They look very good!
We did rush Azmil, I think he started building the bikes at 8am on Thursday and finsihed at 9pm. Thank You Azmil!
We did’nt want to spend any extra time in Singapore as its not really the place for me. I know some people love it, but its not my cup of tea. It is a big city. It looks stunning with all the high rise buildings and for coffee and sandwich lovers, well you are in heavan! (..we did test a few of those shops though!! They were very good, : ) we had birthday cake in one too, to celebrate Stephens birthday!)
For me Singapore is a bit like a busy maze. I always have to have a map in Singapore, but once you find your way to the Singapore River it is a fine place for a run!

We will be going back to Singapore in a couple of weeks. Stephen is racing Singapore 70.3. I dont feel quite ready for this race so I am going to go to shout at Stephen instead. He is fit and will be even fitter in 2 weeks so I am looking forward to seeing him run very fast!