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Dirty weekend in Singapore! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


Dirty weekend in Singapore!

Ha ha haa! ..that was just to get your attention!

Stephen and I were in Singapore, but it was’nt actually a weekend, it was a couple of weekdays, and actually, it was’nt all that “dirty” either! …..sorry!

Stephen and I had been in Thailand for just over 18 days so it was getting close (ish) to a Visa run (UK passports only get 27 days at a time in Thailand)
We made the trip worth while by going to see our sponsor, The Bike Boutique, in Singapore to pick up our 2010 Cervelos.
Azmil the bike mechanic did a great job building our bikes up with our new 3T bars, ISM saddle and new Sram Red components. They look very good!
We did rush Azmil, I think he started building the bikes at 8am on Thursday and finsihed at 9pm. Thank You Azmil!
We did’nt want to spend any extra time in Singapore as its not really the place for me. I know some people love it, but its not my cup of tea. It is a big city. It looks stunning with all the high rise buildings and for coffee and sandwich lovers, well you are in heavan! (..we did test a few of those shops though!! They were very good, : ) we had birthday cake in one too, to celebrate Stephens birthday!)
For me Singapore is a bit like a busy maze. I always have to have a map in Singapore, but once you find your way to the Singapore River it is a fine place for a run!

We will be going back to Singapore in a couple of weeks. Stephen is racing Singapore 70.3. I dont feel quite ready for this race so I am going to go to shout at Stephen instead. He is fit and will be even fitter in 2 weeks so I am looking forward to seeing him run very fast!

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