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a short scary story… « Bella Bayliss's Blog


a short scary story…

no, this is not photo of the dog that got my inner tube.
and no, this is not a piece of art work made with my inner tube.

This is what happened today, …whilst riding my bike! eeeeeek.

Unfortunately one of my spare inner tubes decided to come out and get into my back wheel whilst descending down the steepest part of a hill we use here in Krabi. All the “Krabi Campers” know which part I am talking about. …the bit where we can easily clock 70kph +
Yes, this is the part where my inner tube went into my back wheel.
I experienced (what felt like) record breaking speed wobbles. Wobbles that I struggled to hold onto. But dam, I was determined to hold onto my bike! Going at 70kph is definetely not the speed I want to come off my bike. I must admit, I did have visions of myself flying throo the air and scrapping myself onto and along the tarmac.

Anyway, I held onto it and managed to stop without hurting myself in any way. Sorry to all my witnesses, Stephen, Beck, Teresa, Maki and Donna, …who all got to see this scary scene!

Moral of my story is:
make sure you have everything on your bike tightened up. and any flappy things, well strapped into place! It is NO good if things get into your wheels whilst riding, especially whilst descending down mountains!

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