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I Love Lanzarote

Friday, April 30th, 2010

bellabikelanzasatnding-450x3001Yesterday Stephen and I arrived to Lanzarote. It was a great feeling to land onto the island again. We were greeted by the gorgeous views of the volcanic moutains and a warm “northerly breeze” as our pilot called it! ..it was more of a “wind” I thought! hi hi hii!! but still it was a great feeling being back.
Back to were being a triathlete is easy. We love the roads here. They are fun to ride on with the views, mostly smooth roads and few crazy car drivers. I wish we could spend even more time than we do here on Lanzarote.

It is great to be here now, but it was another long journey to get here. It would be brilliant if there was a direct flight from Port Elizabeth to Lanzarote! It would be a long flight, close to 11 hours, but so easy! I dont think I have found the best way to get here yet, however we do always try to find the best route we can with the amount of money we are prepared to spent.
Last year we flew PE to Johannesburg, then Jo-burg to Lisbon with TAPair. We were not all that impressed with TAP as they charged us for bikes, had no inflight entertainment, did’nt serve hardly any food and had grumpy air hostesses!
We then flew TAPair, Lisbon Madrid, Madrid Lanzarote. ..those of you that know your geography know that route is a bit wierd.
So this year we went, PE to Jo-burg, Jo-burg to London (yes too far up, I know, but it was cheaper to do it that way!?), then London Madrid, night in Madrid, then Madrid to Lanzarote with EasyJet. Even though going up to London and then coming back down again to Madrid is a bit of a weird route, flying with South African Air and BA meant no baggage fees and inflight entertainment (keeps Stephen happy!! )
Madrid to LAnzarote was fine with EasyJet. We like EasyJet because we always know what to expect with them, ..we pay for our bike, and its not too expensive and off we go! They never surprise us with any other scary excess fees.

Really our travel went well, I suppose the only thing we could moan about was going throo London Heathrow because it is such a stupid airport. Always huge ques and complicated ways to get from one terminal to another. I suppose the other annoying thing was I got food poisened by someone that served me a poisenious chicken salad. How dare they! It meant a really uncomfortable night in Madrid and a day feeling weak when we traveled here to LAnzarote. But I am fine now. ThankGoodness.
Anyway, back to Lanzarote. We are here till just after the Ironman. I am looking forward to a great couple of weeks of training on my favorite island. I’ll be using the strength I got from my efforts at Ironman South Africa to get even stronger for Ironman Lanzarote which is on the 22nd of May.

my IM South Africa race report

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Yesterday was Ironman South Africa but like last year, I did’nt have the race that I had in 2008!
The day started cool with a light breeze and choppy waters. It made for a challenging swim but I swam well coming out on Jason Shortis’s feet at 55 minutes!
I went conservative on the bike as I am not at my fittest right now. However, even riding conservative took a lot out of me. Its not an easy bike course, you have to pedal every stroke otherwise you come to a standstill!
I came off the bike in 8th position about 9 minutes back from Caroline who was in first place at the time.
I could tell from the start of the run that my “fuel tank” did’nt feel on “full”. I tried to refuel but it made my stomach turn bad. I ran a fine 10km and got myself to 5th position, but the race is 42km, so that was a problem! I ran to 21km but then ground to a halt. I walked to 28km where the finish line is. It is not a good feeling to DNF, but I am trying not to beat myself up too bad over it. I was not complety ready to race an Ironman yesterday. I need a bit more time but I know my efforts yesterday will have helped my fitness for the next races. I will look forward to Ironman Lanzarote in 4 weeks time.

ThankYou to everyone who was cheering me on yesterday. I had so much support and encouragment.

It was good to see Stephen finishing his job off and coming 5th. Some money in the bank after our trip here! It was’nt really the result Stephen dreampt about either but it is ok and he will also benifit from his efforts.

My friend Emma English did the most inspiring effort! Ironman South Africa was her first Ironman, ..her second triathlon! She watched Ironman South Africa last year, and in 1 year she has taught herself to swim bike run and she not only finished yesterday, she went 12 hours 52 minutes! I was so happy to see her do that. I did’nt see her during the race so I was worried she had’nt made it out of the rough water with in the time. …she made it out the water with plenty of time! She swam 1 hour 20. Great job Emma, ..lots more exciting races ahead for you!

how much does it cost You, to give a quick wave?

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

When you are out training, on your bike or during a run, in the middle of “no-where” and you see a fellow cyclist or runner coming towards you, do you give a quick wave?
I am sure in time gone by I have not waved at someone, ..so I am sorry,
however, I do always make a conscious effort to always pick up my hand and acknowledge the person, or even a little “morning” if you are out running on the same path. It is nice to do that, ..is’nt it?!
I mean, I dont think it is necessary to give a huge wave! And I must say I dont wave or even smile much when racing! but whilst training it is nice, and I think polite.

At the moment we are training in Thailand. We notice the local people and they love to smile and wave. If they see an angry face they dont know how to deal with it, they often start to giggle!
They love it when you smile back and give a little wave.

So when you are out there running or riding, think about giving a little wave to your fellow sports person, help the world to be a happy place and give a simple little wave. It does’nt cost you anything!

Ironman South Africa 2010

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Today is 3 weeks until Ironman South Africa. It will be the 4th year in a row I have raced this! The first year I raced I went on my own, the organisers would’nt give Stephen a free entry so considering it was so expensive to get there, ..I went alone. I came 3rd. Natasha Badmann won and Edith Neidenfriniger came 2nd. I remember Teresa being there and hammering the swim and bike!
The following year we managed to persuade the organisers to give Stephen a free entry! So we both went. And it worked out magical as we BOTH won it! We will remember that day forever!
During the run I remember hearing on the loudspeaker that Stephen had just WON! WOW!!!! It made me feel weak at the knees for a moment, but then I had to keep concentrating as I was running side by side with Edith Niedenfriniger at the time. The only thing that was said during the 25km we ran side by side, was, she said “Congratulations for you, for Stephen” ! :)

Edith and my race went on till the finish line when I outsprinted her with 200 metres to go! That sprint was a real gut wrenching experience but definitely worth it! :)

I also remember James (who worked for the organisers then) being our airport transfer man! He took us back to the Airport! I remember him being very interested in how we were both so fit to win his home town Ironman! Times have changed and he is now one of the big contenders!!

Last year Stephen and I did’nt have a good day. We went out strong which was a bit enthusiastic! We learned from our mistakes and moved on.

This year we are both looking forward to a great race. It will be my first race of 2010, I am excited to get racing again but I wont race it like I did last year. I plan to start smart and finish strong.