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how much does it cost You, to give a quick wave? « Bella Bayliss's Blog


how much does it cost You, to give a quick wave?

When you are out training, on your bike or during a run, in the middle of “no-where” and you see a fellow cyclist or runner coming towards you, do you give a quick wave?
I am sure in time gone by I have not waved at someone, ..so I am sorry,
however, I do always make a conscious effort to always pick up my hand and acknowledge the person, or even a little “morning” if you are out running on the same path. It is nice to do that, ..is’nt it?!
I mean, I dont think it is necessary to give a huge wave! And I must say I dont wave or even smile much when racing! but whilst training it is nice, and I think polite.

At the moment we are training in Thailand. We notice the local people and they love to smile and wave. If they see an angry face they dont know how to deal with it, they often start to giggle!
They love it when you smile back and give a little wave.

So when you are out there running or riding, think about giving a little wave to your fellow sports person, help the world to be a happy place and give a simple little wave. It does’nt cost you anything!

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