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Take your marks, Get set…

…and soon I will be GONE!
I will be gone like a racing whippet dog when the gun goes off here in Puerto del Carmen at 7am on Saturday.
I am really loking forward to the challenge of Ironman Lanzarote this Saturday. It is one of my real favorite races. It is challenging, it is beautiful and its fair. Fair because it is so hilly and windy so very little drafting happens.
Yesterday Stephen and I moved from Club La Santa where we have been training since Ironman South Africa to Puerto del Carmen. We are very happy and appreciative of PlayaMar to host us again in their very comfortable apartments which is close to the race start and finish.
I will be giving the race my best shot, although I take into account that I started my racing season a touch later this year so possibly I am not as fit as I can be yet.
I will be getting stuck into the swim, but I do hope that nobody re-breaks my nose that somebody broke for me in the swim at South Africa!!!
I am aiming for a top 5 finish. But of course I will be working hard during the race to keep my body in shape for a podium finish if I possibly can.
All the best to everyone racing on Saturday!
And thankYou to everyone who is already cheering me on from every direction I go!

getting the miles in for Saturday

getting the miles in for Saturday

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