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a special win at 70.3 UK! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


a special win at 70.3 UK!

2 weeks ago I was not sure if I would be racing 70.3 UK. I had sore leg muscles and maybe they needed more time before I next did a race, but with 2 days to go my muscles seemed to be doing ok, so I went ahead and raced!

From the second the gun went off I had an intence race right till the finish line. Half an ironman gives you not a second to spare! Us girls had a fight out there for who would win this race! Luci Zelencova led the cold swim with Emma-Kate Libury a couple of seconds behind her. Tamsin, Evette Grice and I were not far behind.
The bike ride at 70. UK is very challenging with really steep uphills and downhills.

At the end of the ride, Emma was 2 minutes ahead of Tamsin and I. Tamsin shot out onto the run very fast. I took it a bit steadier, working into the run and giving my poor old muscles a second to adjust from the bike to run! However I was able to keep a nice strong pace from the start till the finish even though the run course also has steep uphills and down hills!
I caught Tamsin after about 3km and passed her at about 5km. I then caught Emma with about 5km to go. It felt really good to have a strong race. I find the half ironman distance more difficult that the Ironman distance so that is why I only do 1 half a year! I would’nt do any, but because this one is in the UK, it is very special to me! :)
Winning is not easy so I really feel proud and happy to have win yesterday. It feels like a real acheivment.

Stephen and I really enjoy doing Ironman UK and 70.3 UK, the race organisers,
Ali and Chris Boon are good to us and we enjoy the challenging courses they put on. 70.3 UK is held at Wimbleball Lake in Somerset. It is a beautiful part of the world and I really appreciate the challenging course which creates a much more fair race than a flat course.
Once again we stayed with Gillian at her B+B. She makes us feel so comfortable and happy at her home. She has a long waiting list for people who want to stay with her for 70.3 UK, so we make sure we go back every year not to loose our comfortable little room!

Once again I got amazing support this past weekend. Everybodies support really helps me along my way, ThankYou.

Well done Tamsin on your first “pro” race. You were very strong. And well done everybody who raced this past weekend. Your next race will feel easy in comparison!

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