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Ironman UK

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Today Stephen and I leave for Ironman UK. We are both excited for this special race in our own country. We have both experienced the winning feeling in the UK and it feels absolutely amazing. We are going for “that feeling” again. The huge support we receive really helps us along our way and we are looking forward to the fun this Sunday!

My preparation has been consistant for the past few weeks so I feel happy going into this race, similer to the way I felt going into 70.3 UK.
I am really inspired by Amy who did a great job at Lake Placid this past weekend. Off she went to America, on her own, without Brandon and by using her brain and using the strengths she has, she executed the race perfectly.
What Amy did this past weekend is what I want to do this weekend.

Also racing Ironman UK is my friend Emma English. This will be her 2nd Ironman. Since South Africa she has been training with dedication and consistancy so I am excited to see her race.
You can read her Ironman South Africa race report here, http://www.teamtbb.com/?option=com_content&task=view&id=1033

All the best to everyone wwho will be racing Ironman UK this Sunday.

its good to be flexible!

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Last Sunday I tried to race Ironman Austria. Normally I would do a report before now but some how or another a week has gone by and I hav’nt said anything about my race. …not that I am too desperate to “write up” my great race! there is not that much to write up about!

I was excited to go to Austria, after my win at 70.3 UK, and remembering how I won Austria in that magnificent fast time last year. However, that is exactly where my mistake started. 2010 is different to my last 2 years but it is only now that I have really realised that.
I am learning that just because I have done the same races for the past few years, does’nt mean it is the correct plan for now. It is not easy to plan the correct race schedule, but what you could try to learn from my mistake is race when you are fit and ready! Try not to race an Ironman when you are not fit and ready. Therefore like my heading says here “its good to be flexible” with your plans. Sometimes the best thing you can do is, not race the race you have planned!

I started my 2010 year differently because I had to have a break in December, but rather than building back slowly I rushed every thing to get back to where I was. I see that was a mistake now, but at the time I did’nt see it.

I have realised my mistake and will take the best path to getting strong again.

So a few words on my race at Austria, it is quite an impressive bad day really!
I got in the water and swam to the start line. Oh dear I thought, maybe there is a stone in my wesuit, but there was not, it was me feeling horrible.!
After about 400 metres I decided to change direction but got tangled up with another swimmer. He got angry with me (understandybly) and punched me in the face. That sort of made me panik! and for the next 300 metres I was paniking and struggling to breath. I really wanted to lie on my back, put my arms in the air and get rescued. ..but that was’nt the way I wanted my day to go.

On the bike I felt horrible for 90km. At 100km I lost concentration and got too close to another cyclist and got a drafting penalty. So sat on the side of the road for 6 minutes and went from 2 minutes down on the leader to 8 minutes down and into about 5th place.
I felt better for the last 80km.

I ran along ok for 13km but then my legs and body quickly began to pack up. It was really horrible and frustrating to begin walking and stopping at 21km while still in 2nd place.
Of course I wanted to finsih my day off but I felt I could’nt.

Our long drive back to Switzerland was not so fun. Even when you have a great race, a 10 hour car drive is painful but after a bad race, ohhhhhh it feels painful!

anyway, back to training now and I’ll race when I am a bit more ready for the Ironman!

getting the training in!   You need plenty of that for a good Ironman race!  Photo courtesy of Bob Foy!

getting the training in! You need plenty of that for a good Ironman race! Photo courtesy of Bob Foy!