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Ironman UK

Today Stephen and I leave for Ironman UK. We are both excited for this special race in our own country. We have both experienced the winning feeling in the UK and it feels absolutely amazing. We are going for “that feeling” again. The huge support we receive really helps us along our way and we are looking forward to the fun this Sunday!

My preparation has been consistant for the past few weeks so I feel happy going into this race, similer to the way I felt going into 70.3 UK.
I am really inspired by Amy who did a great job at Lake Placid this past weekend. Off she went to America, on her own, without Brandon and by using her brain and using the strengths she has, she executed the race perfectly.
What Amy did this past weekend is what I want to do this weekend.

Also racing Ironman UK is my friend Emma English. This will be her 2nd Ironman. Since South Africa she has been training with dedication and consistancy so I am excited to see her race.
You can read her Ironman South Africa race report here, http://www.teamtbb.com/?option=com_content&task=view&id=1033

All the best to everyone wwho will be racing Ironman UK this Sunday.

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