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my Ironman UK race report « Bella Bayliss's Blog


my Ironman UK race report

Thats Ironman UK done now. I am deflated not to have “defended my title”. Winning feels amazing. 2nd is not the same.

However, Congratulations to Yvette Grice on her race, she ran very well so deserved the win.

I came into this race underdone. I started the season later than previous years due to a little operation in December of 09. I then rushed back into training and racing much too fast and gave myself a bit of an injury and that has really hampered my training, so I am not as fit as previous years at this time.
So I suppose I was “wishing and hoping” for a win at Ironman UK. I gave it my best shot with what I had, I swam great, I rode well and I chugged along on the run with the legs I have right now. I thought a 15 minute lead off the bike might be enough of a buffer, but with Evette running at 3 hour pace and me going slowly, that 15 minutes was not enough.

The good thing for me is that I know with more training I will be back to strength again. That will take patience, hard work and time.
I just have to suck up the feeling that I have been so strong in previous years, and right now I am not as strong, it is a hard feeling to deal with, but I know, it is all part of the journey and I know I will be back.

I enjoyed the Ironman UK challenge, it was a tough course and logistically challenging too with the swim, T2 and finish line in different places. But it made it all very interesting!

It was good to see Stephen half way into the run as I got a scare in T2. I noticed his run bag was stil sitting there, I thought “oh no, he has crashed on the bike into a bush, or into a sheep on the road, or ridden into the pond on that sharp corner”
.. what I did’nt realise the volunteers were doing was putting our bike stuff back into the run bag and putting the bag back into line! So Stephen was fine! Phew!
It was really good to see Stephen having a strong race yesterday, his training has been going well and that reflected in his race.
I beleive that soon he will be in winning shape again.

The other person I want to mention in my freind Emma English, Ironman UK was her 2nd Ironman (her 3rd triathlon!) Some of you may have read her IM South Africa race report on TeamTBB
In South Africa she went, 12.52
yesterday she went 12.09 on a more difficult course !!! Emma went 1.09 swim, 6.53 bike, 3.53 run!
Wow Emma!!!! You are amazing! The determination and hard work she has put into her training, every day, since South Africa showed perfectly yesterday.

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