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My Grandma and Grandad « Bella Bayliss's Blog


My Grandma and Grandad

This time last year my lovely Grandad died. He was 96 years old. Last week my lovely Grandma died, she was 95 years old.

I was racing last year so was’nt able to go to my Grandad’s funeral, but I am going to my Grandma’s funeral on Thursday.
This last week I have thought alot about my G+G so I thought I would write a blog about them.

I have lots of lovely memories of them mainly from when Amber (my sister) and I were younger.
They were always fun to be with, there was never a dull moment with G+G!
Grandad taught us to ride our bikes, I remember him taking our stabilisers off and he would run behind us making sure we did’nt fall off!
My Grandma taught me how to do “joined up writing” !
Summer holidays were extra exciting because Grandma and Grandad either came to visit, or we went to their home in Warlingham, Surrey, or we went camping with them in their camper van. Amber and I loved to visit them at their home! We would have fun just hanging out with them, playing golf, tennis, darts and table tennis in their garden, or going to differnet places to walk, swim or ride our bikes.
We would always watch lots of TV at their house (something we did’nt do at our home because we did’nt have a TV! G+G always watched lots of sport, golf, athletics, football, Formula1, tennis, snooker, anything and everything!
I always loved to cut their grass in their huge garden, with their lawnmower! I loved to do that! Even at age 8 and younger! ..we did’nt have a lawn mower at home, our horses and goats would keep our grass short!
Sometimes Amber and I would have a “fashion show” by dressing up in my Grandma’s dresses!
Sometimes we would look ridiculas, somtimes we would look beautiful!

After a couple of weeks staying at their house they would take us home to Scotland. But not by plane or train, we went in their camper van and we would take 10 days or more getting home! They did’nt drive on the moterway, we went on all the little roads and stopped after half a day at a campsite! We loved to camp! Amber and I were young, so little, ..luckily! as their camper van was’nt huge! Amber and I slept in bunk beds up high and G+G slept below us!

More recently, well about 8 years ago, I was visiting them, I knew Stephen so called him to see if he wanted to go for a run! He came round because Stephen lived just around the corner. G+G liked Stephen as much as I did!
They met Stephen a few more times as we would ride our bikes there for a cup of tea in the summer time. Grandad liked to talk to him about running as he used to run a lot when he was younger. My Grandma liked to speak to Stephen about the Tour De France! She loved to watch the Tour and her favorite rider was Bradley Wiggens!

I will miss my G+G. They have always been there for me and we have had so many great times together. It will be sad to be at my Grandma’s funeral. But I do know they both had a happy and long life and now they will be together again.

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