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Embrunman 2010. « Bella Bayliss's Blog


Embrunman 2010.

Embrunman 2010.

Yesterday I raced Embrunman for the 5th time.
I knew the day ahead would be long and challenging, and it was!
We woke up to a calm and dry morning, pheww! As the day before had been a total washout. The race would have had another real challenge to it dealing with heavy rain and possibly snow at the top of the Col!

The girls started the day at 5.50am in the dark. This year with Teresa being there, she took off with the lead kayak which has the light on. And left me in the dark to navigate. Dam. I did try to stay with her but I lost her very quick with the combination of the dark and her speed.

I came out the water with Alexandra Loisson and Isabelle Ferrer. We then seemed to stay pretty close on the ride. Except Ferrer was very fast at decending so would leave me on the technical decents.
I worked away and tried to ignore that Tereza was taking chunks of time from me all the time. My race was most likly to go for second now.

I managed to start the run in 2nd with about 6 minutes in front of the others. But after 21km on the run Ferrer past me and at 35km Loison past me. I held onto 4th in ugly style! My legs were so done.
Well done to Teresa on a strong race! and well done to James on his strong performance too.
Well done to Stephen for his 5th place, Scott for 7th and Brandon on a hard day at Embrunman and his 13th place.

I will continue to work away and aim at going onwards and upwards!

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