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Today I raced the TriStar222 race here in Sardinia! The race was a bit different to any thing I have done before, as it consisted of a 2km swim, 200km bike and a 20km run.
About 2 weeks ago I did’nt even know where Sardinia was! When I learnt there was a race here I did some investigating and found that Sardinia is an Italian island just off Italy and when I arrived I realized quickly that it is a very beautiful place.

TriStar are a fairly new triathlon organisation who are trying hard to develop a great new range of races. I was impressed with this race. I think they found a great place here at Connigione, Sardinia.

The sea was lovely, clean and warm, but wetsuit swim. The ride took us on a 1 loop 200km course around the top of Sardinia. I was really impressed with the great roads for cycling and very scenic too, ..not that I really had time to notice the view!
The run was a 4 lap course along the coast and into the small town of Connigione.
The field was small but a good few pros had entered.
I was first girl out the water! Team mate Diana Reisler was not far behind me, ..she has been training hard!!
After 20km Diana caught me on the bike, we rode fairly close by for about an hour. It felt like we were out on a training ride together! However she was very strong on the flat parts of the course and rode into the distance. I could not go with her.
I worked away with the ride best I could. At about 140 km I was caught by Karen Gerber. She was also riding strongly. I rememered that she was the girl that whizzed by me on the bike at Ironman UK in 2007, however she did not run far at that race and I beat her.
TOday I was able to stay close to her till the finish, and I was able to run a bit faster than her to take 2nd place. Diana also ran strongly and won comfortably. Well done Diana. You have obviously been training hard, ..it showed today.
THe race took me about 8 and half hours. So a good training day and a small pay check too.

I go home now and will prepare for another race. I am “home alone” this week while Stephen is racing in Hawaii. GO STEPHEN!!!!!!

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