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The Return of Bella Bayliss « Bella Bayliss's Blog


The Return of Bella Bayliss

After a year of freshening up and having a baby I am ready to come back and win some races with TeamTBB!

I am going to put to the test, having a baby and “coming back”. I am not sure how much strength I have gained from having had a baby, but I do know that each day is like a strength session even without the training, because there is so much to looking after a little baby! All Mothers know what I am talking about! :)

We have just begun to offer Charlie some solid food!

it can be a messy business!! :)

Baby Charlie is now 6 months old, he is a happy lively little boy. The more he can see each day and the more jumping on Stephens and my laps, the better!
Stephens and my lives are of course a bit different to what they used to be. Now Charlie is Number 1 and we come 2nd. But we are so happy, Charlie makes us both very happy and would not want it any other way.
Each day is very busy! While one of us looks after Charlie the other is training, it works well and we can get all the training in we need but each day is a bit like a puzzle, ..it has to be sorted and planned the night before so that each day runs smoothly and efficiently.
The 3 of us are based in Gran Canaria right now, it feels like a 2nd home for us. We are very happy living and training here and Charlie loves it too.

Laura, one of the athletes I coach, Charlie and I before the start of the Gran Canaria half marathon.

My first race will be Challenge Fuertaventura. Last year I went to watch Stephen race. I was 28 weeks pregnant and I had a lovely pregnant tummy, I can remember our time at the race perfectly.

Playitas, Fuertaventura. Venue of Challenge Fuertaventura. 28 weeks pregnant and in my favorite pink dress that I wore for almost all my pregnancy!

I rented a mountain bike and watched as much of the race as possible. I remember the saddle on the bike was a “racing saddle” of some sort and I had a sore bum for days after!!!
Stephen and Dan both gave me a fun race to watch but this year I wont watch!
Granny and Grandad Bayliss will also be there to look after Charlie while Stephen and I “give it some” in the race!
I look forward to seeing many of you out there racing Challenge Fuertaventura on the 14th of April!

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