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Challenge Fuertaventura

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Yesterday I raced Challenge Fuertaventura. My first race back after having Charlie last year. The days leading up the the race I was excited but a bit nervous too. In the end my nervous-ness was overshadowed by whether I would get to the start line or not!
For the 3 days leading into the race Charlie was not well. He cried and needed alot of comforting through the 3 nights leading into the race. Then the afternoon before the race Stephen and I got to experience what Charlie was feeling, …a stingy sharp sore throat. Not nice. With Charlie still crying at midnight before the race, I really wondered whether I would be racing but I continued to go with the plan of racing.
Once the gun went off, the racing all came back to me. I swam well and biked well for 50km managing to hold the 2 minutes that Emma Kate Lidbury took out of me in the swim. After 60km of hard riding in the hills and wind my leg muscles reminded me that they are not as strong as they used to be, ..yet! So at 70km I had to back the pace right off to try to recover a bit for the run. I lost time here and girls past me. Erika Csomer rode into the distance and Lucy Gossage flew past me but I had to recover and do my thing and just let them go.
I ran the 21km, it was not impressive running, but I got to the finish line and it was so so good to be back with Charlie. :)

Charlie is improving now, thankgood ness. He had been a poor little thing. Stephen and I have sore throats and a cough but we will make sure we recover well.
It was really good to see Dan race so well! I saw him in 2nd on the out and back on the bike, and on the run he was still racing strong in 2nd! Some prize money much needed in Dans wallet!! :)

No photos for this blog at the moment :(

a rest day!

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Yesterday Stephen and I had a break from the usual full-on day where one of us is always out training while the other is with Charlie, instead we had an easier day, altogether! That has’nt happened for a while. The 3 of us enjoyed doing things at a slower pace for once!
It was a good day for an easier day as it has rained for the first time in 5 months! ..not alot, it did’nt even water the plants properly, but it was a bit of rain.

but the rest day started after a little swim!!

we had time for coffee after the swim!

later in the day my mechanics came around to do some small adjustments on my new Cervelo P3!



and my boys did some resting on their rest day!

today it is back to work! Me on my new Cervelo P3 with Campagnolo groupset and wheels, 3T bars. All feels so good and so fast!

In a weeks time it is Challenge Fuertaventura, my first race back after having Charlie. I am excited and nervous! Wish me luck! :)