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TeamTTB Gran Canaria ready for Lanzarote « Bella Bayliss's Blog


TeamTTB Gran Canaria ready for Lanzarote

In 2 weeks time Team TBB Gran Canaria, (Dan, Stephen and myself) will race Ironman Lanzarote.
Ironman Lanzarote is one of my real favorites because hills/volcanoes, heat and wind test physical fitness and mental strength. No bike packs are formed, little advantage is given to anyone by drafting on the bike. I like this because fair results are the outcome.
This year, rookie Dan will race after his great race at Challenge Fuerteventura last month. It is great to see Dan improve. Last year he came to train with Stephen and I in Ibiza for a few weeks. He was quite new to the sport, had talent but not much experience for it, now with a good few races and great training under his belt he is really improving! Have a great race in Lanzarote Dan, …but dont beat Stephen again! ha ha!!! :)

Dan last year at Challenge Fuerteventura

Dan this year at Challenge Fuerteventura!

Stephen is ready for Ironman Lanzarote, his training is all there, he just needs to show it at one of these races coming up. I know he will perform at one of the races, we will just have to see if it will be Lanzarote or another race down the road!

Stephen getting some miles in on Lanzarote a few years ago.

I will also be racing. Hopefully Stephen and I will start healthy and fresh, unlike Challenge Fuertaventura where we were on our last legs as the gun went off.

We all hope to feel better for Ironman Lanzarote, ..not ill like in Fuerteventura!

Winning in Lanzarote in 2009

I love Lanzarote, I know the island well as we have spent a fair bit of time training there and two of my really special Ironman wins have been in Lanzarote so I am definitely looking forward to the 19th of May.
Unfortunately the prize money on offer is minamal, I dont know why but TeamTBB Gran Canaria will be doing our best anyway.

Charlie is not preparing for Ironman Lanzarote, he is keeping his eye in for golf competitions!

Ok, time to go ride up some mountains here in Gran Canaria so I am as ready as possible for the volcanoes in Lanzarote! :)

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