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Ironman Lanzarote « Bella Bayliss's Blog


Ironman Lanzarote

Today I am enjoying a relaxed day with Charlie, Stephen, Granny and Grandad Bayliss after a really hard effort at my first Ironman in 21 months!

My first race back after having Charlie was Challenge Fuerteventura 5 weeks ago, and it was good preparation for yesterdays Ironman Lanzarote.

I have now raced Ironman Lanzarote 5 times so I knew what I was in for and it did not let me down!
A hectic swim, of course I stand right at the front beside all the big men, so I get a bit smashed up. This time I actually got pushed under, that is a horrible experience, I wanted to find a space and lie on my back and get saved right there and then after 600m! but I kept going…
The ride was beautiful but such hard work. no rest! either up hill, against the wind or over rough surfaces. I felt like I should get off my bike after 90km, but I kept going…

getting the mountains in at Challenge Fuerteventura 5 weeks ago. ThankYou James Mitchell for the photos, we look forward to seeing your Ironman Lanzarote photos!

When I got to the run I was surprised that I was moving along well, and continued to run well till 30km ..the last 10km got very hard but I managed to keep it going…
I really was not quite ready for such a tough race, although I have been training I hav’nt had enough miles in my body for such a long tough race but I thought I had enough to get around.

It is amazing how things change in these races, at one minute you think you are going so bad, but then later on you are still going and other people are having rough times, at one stage I was in 5th place, but at the end I got myself into 2nd place, I was very happy to finish and very happy to finish 2nd! I was also so happy that Stephen managed to race strong and finish 2nd. We are happy Bayliss’s today, we believe we are going in the right direction!

It was so good to see Charlie at the finsih line, it was a long day without him, the longest I have spent away from him, and it was made even longer because I was held up at drug testing for 4 and a half hours, ….because I could not pee. 4 and a half hours is a long time, but not my record, I have had a 5 hour wait once!

ok time to go, I have a crawling climbing baby to chase now!

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