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Challenge Aarhus

Yesterday I raced Challenge Aarhus in Denmark. It has been a great few days here in Aarhus, Denmark it is a lovely part of the world. We stayed in an Aarhus city centre hotel so we got a good feel for the city, it is really nice. If I had time I would love to go shopping! There are some lovely shops here!! :)

I finished 2nd in the race, I feel pretty happy with my result as I think I got the best out of myself with the fitness I have right now. I felt a little stronger than I did in Lanzarote, so my fitness is going the right direction.
The swim was freezing! I hav’nt swum in cold water like that in a long time! I was nervous about swimming in such cold water but actually I did fine, Lisbeth Kristensen and I swam together and came out the water together,
I then spent (what felt like ages) putting clothes on, the weather was cool and Stephen and I had already experienced riding in torrential rain the day before so I did’nt want to risk getting frozen on the bike. I had a feeling it was going to rain, Denmark is like the UK!! And I was right, it absolutely poured during the ride.
Camilla Pederson is a strong swimmer and came out the water in front a few minutes ahead of me and rode well, she led the race from start to finish, so well done to her.
During the ride Asa Lundstrom flew past me on the bike, she was riding like a fast train,
but I managed to get my running legs moving, even though I was so tight in my calves but I put mind over matter and managed to have the fastest run split from the girls race and over take Asa to get 2nd. I felt happy.
Then! I did my pee for the drug testers first time!!! yeayyy, (last time I was tested, after Lanzarote it took me 4 and a half hours to pee!!

ThankYou to the organisers to Challenge Aarhus who I thought put on a great race and very well organised, even with the last minute swim start location having to be moved because of sewage getting into the water at the original swim start.

And thankYou Granny and Grandad Bayliss, we could’nt have both raced without you. Charlie says thankyou too, he says he had fun! :)

Well done Reto on his win! And well done Stephen finishing 5th after crashing on his bike.

Stephen, Charlie and I are about to say goodbye to Denmark and fly back to Switzerland now.

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