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2nd at Ironman Switzerland

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Yesterday morning Dan, Scott, Mathias and I lined up close together to begin the “war” of Ironman Switzerland.

The water was nice and warm, but once you got out in the middle of the lake the warm water was not so friendly, it seemed rough and diffiuclt to navigate. I think I lost concentration for one moment, I was leading the pack with one other, but after a while the 2 of us had gone right and I looked up and the rest were left and going the correct way. arghhh. I then had to swim the next 2km on my own, not so fun!!!

The weather forcast had looked really wet for the race day, so I had lots of clothes in transition to put on, but I could’nt get them on, I expect I was rushing. …less haste more speed. However what I did put on seemed perfect, but then the rain started, then the pea sized hail stones, OUCHH!!! I did just about have enough on and my gloves saved me.
Erika Csomor caught me at about 50km, we then rode close by each other till 180km. We rode well. It was fun having her around to ride with, brought back memories when we used to train together!

When I got onto the run, I did’nt have my run legs that I had at Ironman Lanzarote. My left foot was sore, but I thought it would get better, but it did’nt, it just got worse. Brett told me he did’nt care about my foot, he just told me “if it falls off, carry it” ! ha ha haaa!!!
Nikki Butterfield and Regula Rohrbach flew past me, but I then ran past them later on, I then past the early leader Simone Brändli then I was in 2nd.
At 20km half of me wanted to stop, but the other half of me was so determined to make it a positive day. So I continued on and got to the finish line in 2nd. I was happy. I was in a lot of pain at the finish line, but now I am feeling better! :)
ThankYou Brett, Caroline, Reto, Alex, the ON guys and all the spectators for your support, it helped me lots and lots,

Great race Erika, very happy for you.
Well done Scott on your 5th place and Mathias on your 3rd place.
Dan, you got a great training session in for next weekends IM UK, we will be following you.

Now I am looking forward to getting home to be with my baby boy and Stephen :)

Ironman Switzerland

Friday, July 13th, 2012

it is the first time I am leaving Charlie for a night and more, but I know Daddy and Granny will be just fine without me. When the gun goes off on Sunday I have other things to think about!

Tomorrow Dan, Scott and I are going for a little trip to Zurich. We will meet up with Mathias and all race Ironman Switzerland on Sunday. It will be the first time Dan, Scott and I have raced this one, but Mathias and Caroline who have raced it before have told us all about it.

Normally when we race there is a big travel day included a few days before the race, but this is a local race with minimal travel so we feel like we have extra time on our hands this week!

After a very successful TeamTBB weekend of racing last weekend, …James winning Roth, Caroline winning Frankfurt, Stephen coming 5th at Roth and Mary Beth winning 70.3 Norway the 4 of us are really motivated to get out and do our best at Zurich this weekend.

on the bike at Ironman Lanzarote earlier this year

ok got to go, need to pack and do the final preparations…
follow us on www.ironman.com
or twitter @trisutto who will be out there with his whip.