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Onwards and Upwards

It was interesting to watch some of the live vidio of Hawaii this year. Normally our internet connection is not good enough but this year it was. Although Charlie did’nt want us to watch the laptop, he wanted us to watch Stricly Come Dancing on TV (he loves to dance to the music)

It was great to see our TeamTBB members doing such a brilliant job battling it out on the race course.
When I woke up the first thing I did was check the results, and to see Caroline come 2nd, Mary Beth 5th and David in 9th in the mens was brilliant to see. Of course the 3 of them wanted better, unless you win you are not quite satisfied. But it is not easy and they did a brilliant job doing the best they could.
Seeing Leanda win was inspirational. What a couple of months she has had, winning the 70.3 World Champs and now the Ironman World Champs. In the last couple of years I have noticed how well she is doing, continually being so successful at so many races. It is not easy to keep winning, but she does!
I remember when I met her, it was at a little race on the Gold Coast in Australia, Darren Smith took the Scottish Squad for a training camp. I remember Leanda talking to me and being encouraging and enthusiastic about everything triathlon. I have bumped into her alot at the races in years gone by but maybe the last time I saw her was at Panama City Beach. She was’nt doing Ironman then, but when I saw her I thought, “oooh I have some competition on my hands” but she was actually there to support her boyfriend, so I did not have to race her that day!
We took her and Torsten to the swimming pool (the indoor one befor the beautiful one was built) It was “old fashioned” rules at this pool. We could swim from 1.20pm till 2pm I think. We had to be racing the Ironman to be allowed to swim. As she was’nt racing she was NOT allowed to swim!!! So she waited for us in the carpark till we were done!
Anyway, what a carear Leanda has had and is having. What an inspiration.
It was also great to see Gina Crawford coming 7th. She has a baby only 2 months older than Charlie. I could see she was going to do well in Hawaii after her amazing performance at Challenge Henley. Then the other girls who I thought were inspirational were previous Hawaii Ironman Champion Natasha Badmann coming 6th! At the age of 46 and after some years of injury problems, what a way to come back. And Sonja Tajsich, she has a baby of about 3 years old now, Sonja ran the fastest in the womans race! 2.59. Wow.

away from Hawaii and in the Bayliss household, …3 weeks ago Stephen and I went to Challenge Barcelona. We both totally messed our races up. It was a disappointing evening that night!!! :)
We thought maybe we were tired after Challenge Henley, but after analysing every detail of our races we think we got dehydrated. For what ever reason we messed up but that is history now. Next week we leave Switzerland as it is rapidly becoming a ski resort and we go to the Canary Islands for the winter.
We will both race 70.3 Lanzarote on November 10th. I was inspired by Lucy Gossage’s total motivation and excitement to race Challenge Barcelona. I dont think I felt like that going into Challenge Barcelona, you need to feel like Lucy did to have a good race. If there is even the slightest doubt in your mind (for me and probably many others) it is a high chance of a slippery slope to having a pathetic race.
So I will be prepared the best I can for November 10th. I am excited and cant wait to race 70.3 Lanzarote!

Chilling out beside Lake Geneva. ThankYou for the photo Mum!

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