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Lanzarote to London to East London to Aberdeen to Lanzarote « Bella Bayliss's Blog


Lanzarote to London to East London to Aberdeen to Lanzarote

For the past 2 weeks the Bayliss’s have been on the move. The 3 of us travelled to London to take Charlie to his grandparents so that Stephen and I could travel on our own to East London for 70.3 South Africa.
Unfortunately there is nothing good to report from that trip! Neither of us had good races, even though we were sure we were ready to do a decent job. We dont like making excuses but we think we travelled to the race too late as we were both cramping badly early in the race.
However the winner of the mens race Bart Arnoutts did very similer travel to us and he had no problems!
Although both Stephen and I did badly, it was great that TeamTBB's Jodie Swallow was so strong and won the womens race, well done Jodie!

The night after the race I managed to get awful food poisening so that was not a fun way to end our time in East London!

We were so happy to be re united with Charlie in London. We did'nt enjoy being away from him. From London we flew to Aberdeen to visit my family. I was very grateful to the pilot of the EasyJet flight that day as flying into very snowy Aberdeen Airport was a bit scary, but on the 2nd landing attempt we were on the ground safely.

caption id="attachment_629" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Arriving at a very snowy Aberdeen Airport"][/caption]

For the past few days we have been catching up with my family who we dont see very often,

we missed Christmas with the family so we celebrated Robert Burns Day instead!

our warm weather baby had to play in the cold weather!!

Charlie preferred playing indoors :)

On Sunday we travel back to our winter base at SandsBeach resort on Lanzarote, to get fit for Challenge Fuerteventura and Ironman Lanzarote. We cant wait.

soon we will be back to training at SandsBeach Resort!

Charlie loves SandsBeach too !

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