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Ironman UK

It was very special to race Ironman UK last weekend with the support of such enthusiastic and warm spectators.
Maybe i am not fit enough, maybe I should not have started, having just finished a course of anti biotics for an ear and throat infection but excuses aside, I really did not want to miss this race. I just wish I could have done better. It was not fun dragging myself around that run course but with the amazing support from spectators stopped me from ending the day early and the thought of a DNF beside my name in the results was not what I wanted. My result has pained me these past few days. But I suppose I am only human and I can’t think I can win forever more.
It was interesting running slower right to the end. I saw more! And I chatted to some lovely and encouraging people. It gave me another perspective of Ironman racing.

ThankYou James Mitchell for the photo at the finish line. He caught a few emotional moments that day! :)

I am now back onto another course of anti biotics for the ear infection! I am still feeling deaf in my ears! I am sorry if I did not answer to some people but actually I just could not hear you!
Congrats to Lucy on such a strong performance. You were truly brilliant on Sunday.
And congrats to Dan on his win and I am so proud of Stephen for being so tough for that 2nd place. Ironman racing is not easy! It was a special TeamTTB day with the dominant TeamTBB men’s race!
Thanks to Granny Sandra and Grandad John for making Charlie’s weekend so much fun. And thanks to Bolton for a nice 2nd birthday afternoon for Charlie on Monday :)
See you at Henley

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