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photo blog: New Year at Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote

January 2nd, 2013 by bellabayliss

last run of 2012 with my apprentice, Eimear Mullan

New Year Eve Dinner with the Gang. From the left Brian Ligneel, Bjorn De Decker, Helle Frederiksen and her parter Ben, Eimear, Stephen, Charlie and Kat!

La Hacienda Restaurant deserve a top award for the food they serve. Everyday their food is amazing!

Charlie was first under the table. I wont post what some got up too... :)

Charlie was first under the table. I wont post what some got up too... :)

First run of 2013 !

First ride of 2013, ..on the turbos just in case of a drunken driver...

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Lanzarote Marathon

December 10th, 2012 by bellabayliss

a quick photo before the start!

Yesterday Stephen and I raced the Lanzarote Marathon which started and finished here at Sands Beach Resort. It was easy for us because we only had to walk 200 metres from our apartment to the start line!

The course was really beautiful going along the coast from here in Costa Teguise, along the front at Arrecife past Lanzarote Airport and turning on the Ironman Lanzarote run course in Puerto del Carmen, and back.

re united after our morning run!

It is always special when Stephen and I can both win on the same day,
and yesterday was one of those days!

Charlie enjoyed watching impressive performances at the kids marathon the day before. He is entered into next years race!

Charlie watching and learning about kids racing!

Later in the day Stephen, Kat, Charlie and I had a game of football in the park to loosen our legs,
here we are resting on the slide at half time!

resting at half time in our football match!

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Lanzarote 70.3

November 12th, 2012 by bellabayliss

9th place at 70.3 Lanzarote is not what I want to write about! And to top it all off Stephen did not have a good race either. So we really have to move on from that result, do some proper training and get faster for the next!

Apart from our under par performances it was a great race! A real test. 25 mile an hour winds on a hilly bike course showed who can ride and who cant!

I want to mention Eimear Mullan who I have been helping through TeamTBB, she started the day with a slower swim but rode strong and ran herself into 6th place prize money, in a competitive field with a fast run. Well done Eimear.

I also want to mention Fay Dellimore from the UK who only likes to race in Lanzarote :) She races Ironman Lanzarote every year. When she started she was a bigger lady, coming to the finish line in 17 hours, in 2012 she came to the finish line in just over 13 hours. After lots of hard work and miles of swimming biking and running she is a slender little lady who did a brilliant performance of 6 hours for the 70.3 on Saturday! Its looking good for 2013!

ThankYou very much to the amazing support we received during the race.

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A day with the Bayliss’s at www.Sandbeach.eu, Lanzarote

October 29th, 2012 by bellabayliss

A day with the Bayliss’s is a busy day! It starts at 5.30am for me and finishes at 9pm.
Here are some photos of a day with us!

first a swim. With coach Charlie on deck!

back home to our apartment after my run

please please can I go running with Daddy.

Charlie has caught us dinner! ..actually it is a rubber shark, probably not very nutritious!

there is no where better than Lanzarote to ride your bike.

shallow water running in the lagoon at Sandsbeach resort!

an evening run race at Puerto del Carmen was a great fun way to finish off another busy day with the Bayliss's!

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Onwards and Upwards

October 16th, 2012 by bellabayliss

It was interesting to watch some of the live vidio of Hawaii this year. Normally our internet connection is not good enough but this year it was. Although Charlie did’nt want us to watch the laptop, he wanted us to watch Stricly Come Dancing on TV (he loves to dance to the music)

It was great to see our TeamTBB members doing such a brilliant job battling it out on the race course.
When I woke up the first thing I did was check the results, and to see Caroline come 2nd, Mary Beth 5th and David in 9th in the mens was brilliant to see. Of course the 3 of them wanted better, unless you win you are not quite satisfied. But it is not easy and they did a brilliant job doing the best they could.
Seeing Leanda win was inspirational. What a couple of months she has had, winning the 70.3 World Champs and now the Ironman World Champs. In the last couple of years I have noticed how well she is doing, continually being so successful at so many races. It is not easy to keep winning, but she does!
I remember when I met her, it was at a little race on the Gold Coast in Australia, Darren Smith took the Scottish Squad for a training camp. I remember Leanda talking to me and being encouraging and enthusiastic about everything triathlon. I have bumped into her alot at the races in years gone by but maybe the last time I saw her was at Panama City Beach. She was’nt doing Ironman then, but when I saw her I thought, “oooh I have some competition on my hands” but she was actually there to support her boyfriend, so I did not have to race her that day!
We took her and Torsten to the swimming pool (the indoor one befor the beautiful one was built) It was “old fashioned” rules at this pool. We could swim from 1.20pm till 2pm I think. We had to be racing the Ironman to be allowed to swim. As she was’nt racing she was NOT allowed to swim!!! So she waited for us in the carpark till we were done!
Anyway, what a carear Leanda has had and is having. What an inspiration.
It was also great to see Gina Crawford coming 7th. She has a baby only 2 months older than Charlie. I could see she was going to do well in Hawaii after her amazing performance at Challenge Henley. Then the other girls who I thought were inspirational were previous Hawaii Ironman Champion Natasha Badmann coming 6th! At the age of 46 and after some years of injury problems, what a way to come back. And Sonja Tajsich, she has a baby of about 3 years old now, Sonja ran the fastest in the womans race! 2.59. Wow.

away from Hawaii and in the Bayliss household, …3 weeks ago Stephen and I went to Challenge Barcelona. We both totally messed our races up. It was a disappointing evening that night!!! :)
We thought maybe we were tired after Challenge Henley, but after analysing every detail of our races we think we got dehydrated. For what ever reason we messed up but that is history now. Next week we leave Switzerland as it is rapidly becoming a ski resort and we go to the Canary Islands for the winter.
We will both race 70.3 Lanzarote on November 10th. I was inspired by Lucy Gossage’s total motivation and excitement to race Challenge Barcelona. I dont think I felt like that going into Challenge Barcelona, you need to feel like Lucy did to have a good race. If there is even the slightest doubt in your mind (for me and probably many others) it is a high chance of a slippery slope to having a pathetic race.
So I will be prepared the best I can for November 10th. I am excited and cant wait to race 70.3 Lanzarote!

Chilling out beside Lake Geneva. ThankYou for the photo Mum!

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Challenge Henley

September 18th, 2012 by bellabayliss

On Sunday at 4am Granny and Grandad Bayliss moved into our hotel room to look after Charlie for the day and Stephen and I left for the Challenge ahead.
At 6.30am the gun went off. The swim was in the River Thames in Henley which is a beautiful place. The water was cold but actually once swimming hard it seemed a good temperature for swimming in. We swam against the current till the turn around. The only problem I had in the swim was getting caught in a strap around my wrist which was hanging from the turnaround bouy, …for a few seconds I was stuck!
I found the bike hard work but I just plugged along best I could till the end!
I found the run course fun. It had lots of different parts to it, and coming through Henley and the spectators 3 times was uplifting.

on the run at Challenge Henley

I did what I could on Sunday. I am not a flying supermum like Gina Crawford yet! Gina is going so strong. She did an amazing race on Sunday and was in a different leauge to me. But I am happy with my 2nd place, it was a good training day for me and a good pay cheque.

Stephen did brilliant, it was very special to see him win.

Charlie had a good day with Granny and Grandad, playing in the parks of Henley all day long :)

We will all recover from Henley and have a sit down and a think about what race we will do next.

ThankYou Challenge Henley for a great race. See you next year!

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Aupair vacancy with Stephen, Bella and Charlie Bayliss

September 6th, 2012 by bellabayliss

Stephen, Charlie and I are looking for an Aupair, We would like this person to enjoy looking after Charlie for a few hours each day. We would also be happy if this person enjoys triathlon as there will be plenty of time each day to get some training in. Stephen and I would be happy to give you great tips to improving your traithlon skills.
You would live along side us, but have your own space. You would have to be happy to travel with us and be happy to based with us in different parts of the world.

If you are interested please contact us with your questions and some information about yourself. Email, info@teamtbb.com

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a few relaxing days away!

August 14th, 2012 by bellabayliss

Yesterday I drove to Embrun in France, in convoy with the boys, for a few nice “relaxing” days away!… All I have to think about is myself, it is quite strange!

Tomorrow I will race Embrunman. The toughest iron distance probably. This will be my 6th time racing Embrunman, I know it well, and what I have ahead.
We start at 6am and I will be out there all day!!! With Dan, Powder, Dave and lots of French guys. It will be a lot of fun!!?!!

I have won this race 3 times before, I remember them clearly, they were very special wins. Embrunman was my first iron distance race back in 2002, Brett took me because he thought I was tough enough for it, I won that day and I will remember it forever. 2 times here I have had tough days, in 2006 I came 2nd and in 2010 I came 4th. I will battle it out tomorrow, I expect with Erika Csomor who I have battled with 2 times already this year!

I will update you how it goes in the days after…!

Here is a photo my sister took of Charlie on his 1st birthday last week when she was visiting!

Charlie on his 1st Birthday! (sorry the photo is sideways, not sure how to turn it around!)

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2nd at Ironman Switzerland

July 16th, 2012 by bellabayliss

Yesterday morning Dan, Scott, Mathias and I lined up close together to begin the “war” of Ironman Switzerland.

The water was nice and warm, but once you got out in the middle of the lake the warm water was not so friendly, it seemed rough and diffiuclt to navigate. I think I lost concentration for one moment, I was leading the pack with one other, but after a while the 2 of us had gone right and I looked up and the rest were left and going the correct way. arghhh. I then had to swim the next 2km on my own, not so fun!!!

The weather forcast had looked really wet for the race day, so I had lots of clothes in transition to put on, but I could’nt get them on, I expect I was rushing. …less haste more speed. However what I did put on seemed perfect, but then the rain started, then the pea sized hail stones, OUCHH!!! I did just about have enough on and my gloves saved me.
Erika Csomor caught me at about 50km, we then rode close by each other till 180km. We rode well. It was fun having her around to ride with, brought back memories when we used to train together!

When I got onto the run, I did’nt have my run legs that I had at Ironman Lanzarote. My left foot was sore, but I thought it would get better, but it did’nt, it just got worse. Brett told me he did’nt care about my foot, he just told me “if it falls off, carry it” ! ha ha haaa!!!
Nikki Butterfield and Regula Rohrbach flew past me, but I then ran past them later on, I then past the early leader Simone Brändli then I was in 2nd.
At 20km half of me wanted to stop, but the other half of me was so determined to make it a positive day. So I continued on and got to the finish line in 2nd. I was happy. I was in a lot of pain at the finish line, but now I am feeling better! :)
ThankYou Brett, Caroline, Reto, Alex, the ON guys and all the spectators for your support, it helped me lots and lots,

Great race Erika, very happy for you.
Well done Scott on your 5th place and Mathias on your 3rd place.
Dan, you got a great training session in for next weekends IM UK, we will be following you.

Now I am looking forward to getting home to be with my baby boy and Stephen :)

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Ironman Switzerland

July 13th, 2012 by bellabayliss

it is the first time I am leaving Charlie for a night and more, but I know Daddy and Granny will be just fine without me. When the gun goes off on Sunday I have other things to think about!

Tomorrow Dan, Scott and I are going for a little trip to Zurich. We will meet up with Mathias and all race Ironman Switzerland on Sunday. It will be the first time Dan, Scott and I have raced this one, but Mathias and Caroline who have raced it before have told us all about it.

Normally when we race there is a big travel day included a few days before the race, but this is a local race with minimal travel so we feel like we have extra time on our hands this week!

After a very successful TeamTBB weekend of racing last weekend, …James winning Roth, Caroline winning Frankfurt, Stephen coming 5th at Roth and Mary Beth winning 70.3 Norway the 4 of us are really motivated to get out and do our best at Zurich this weekend.

on the bike at Ironman Lanzarote earlier this year

ok got to go, need to pack and do the final preparations…
follow us on www.ironman.com
or twitter @trisutto who will be out there with his whip.

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