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Rookie Camp – How to Pack? « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Rookie Camp – How to Pack?

I will have to up my game with some pictures based on some of the other blogs.  But, trying to figure out just what to take to a training camp half way across the globe is tricky.  Believe or not, in my 20 seasons of racing, I have never gone to a training camp.  I have done an extended road trip with my bikes, but packing a car is different than packing for a flight.

So, if my packing for this camp goes as it has for other trips longer than a few days via plane it will go like this….

7 days before leaving I will lay out most of what I need.

6 days before leaving I will look through my stuff and take out something that I probably will not need.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 days before we leave I will do the same thing so that my pile is quite smaller than it started.

Then, about 4 days into the trip, I will look at Amy and ask if she has a shirt I can borrow because I did not pack enough.

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