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TeamTBB Training Camp Week #2 – Be a Pro « Brandon Marsh's Blog


TeamTBB Training Camp Week #2 – Be a Pro

Today wraps up the 2nd full week that I have been in Krabi, Thailand for the Team TBB training camp.  Actually, Monday will mark 3 weeks in Asia, and 2.5 in Thailand, but we kind of had a few days to settle in…so today closed the 2nd full week.  It is actually my first ever training camp for triathlon, and the first time that I have been around other professional triathletes from around the world for more than a day or two.  Sutto has challenged us with more than just workouts…

Be a Pro.  Coming from the corporate world for almost 10 years of my life, it is an interesting transition to being a true professional triathlete.  Team TBB has the goal of providing professional triathletes a way to be just that, professional triathletes.  There are other goals of the team, but “being a pro” is one of the first challenges that Sutto gave us.  It goes beyond the workouts.  Sutto challenged us to change our way of thinking to that of a professional in every sense of the word.

- It is seldom that you can just show up to work in the corporate world whenever you want.  Same with our workouts…get up and get to work.  Some sessions are on our own, relatively.  Others are with a group.  Oddly enough, people are seldom late to the group sessions.  Sutto has challenged us to make the on your own sessions the same way, get up early and get going.

- Know your numbers.  Want to run a 4:00, 3:30, 3:15, 3:00, 2:45, or whatever marathon?  What pace is that for a 400 repeat, a 1k repeat, a 1 mile repeat?  Can you do it in training…if not, a re-think might be in order.  What does it take to ride a 4:40, 4:50, 5:00, 5:30, or whatever for the 112 mile (or 180k) bike leg.  Honestly, it is easier to figure using the metric system in this case!!

- Certainly not last, but another example is that you have to enjoy it.  It certainly is NOT easy, nor glamorous, or highly lucrative.  It is hard, very hard, and if you do not wake up each day looking forward to the challenge, then it is time to do somehting else.  As someone who has been on both sides…the corporate side longer than the professional athlete side…I can say that this is true in both cases.

I blogged before on BrandonMarsh.com that I seldom make New Year’s resolutions.  But, one un-written resolution this year was to “Be a Pro”.  Committing to racing with TeamTBB and coming to camp was just one of the many steps in moving that direction!

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