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IM China Update #2 « Brandon Marsh's Blog


IM China Update #2

Well the race is tomorrow. I do not have any pictures to post as hoped and cannot access youtube here, so you get my typing! I will have some pictures after the race though…my camera memory was full.

Cultural lesson first. China, at least where we are, is as you see in pictures…
- A fair amount of small farm agriculture
- A lot of tractors carrying all sorts of things
- Small 3 wheeled people movers with 2-stroke engines
- People riding bikes that look like they are from the 60s
- Generally kind of primitive looking compared to most standards.

The race is tomorrow. It has cleared up, and will be hot. Maybe not 40c like last year, but it will be hot. The swim is 4 loops of just under 1k each. The bike is 2 loops on what are supposed to be smooth roads. The run is kind of a 2 loop affair as well.

I am number 17 and Amy is number 27.

Racing in a foreign country is always an experiences. We learned that the word for water is “sh-re” and the word for coke is “ku-la” with the emphasis on the last syllable. I will be asking for both tomorrow!

Stay tuned on IM Live. Representing TeamTBB will be me, Amy, Maki, Hiro, and Matt O’H. We also have a few age groupers here with Carmen, Emma, and Minsok…maybe others that I am not aware of. Good luck to all.

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