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4 Days in Austin…a Monster Bike ALREADY!! « Brandon Marsh's Blog


4 Days in Austin…a Monster Bike ALREADY!!

After Krabi and then IM China, we spent a week in Singapore.  With Spring Break happening in the US at that time, all the flights to Austin were sold out so we kept our original flights that were booked before I knew I was going to have an IM China experience.

We got back into Austin, did some catching up, and did some training before we get back to real training today.

Anyway, one of the first things that Brett told me was that I need to get stronger on the bike.  My swim and run were o.k., but my bike was certainly not great…or even good…or even o.k.  I think that it was described as weak, and that is putting it mildly!!

I needed to become a bike monster or at least have a monster bike if I was going to race with the big boys.  It only took me 4 days, but I have a monster bike now.  All I had to do was go about 1.25 miles…yes, back to US measurements for now…that is 2km for the rest of the world.  I just had to ride 1.25 miles, and I had a monster bike.


So, if you want to know the secret, just go find a monster bike sale and get a monster bike.

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