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Race More and Other Updates « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Race More and Other Updates

Well, we have been back on US soil for a little over 2 weeks now.  Amy posted some of what takes a little getting used to.  She is getting the hang of driving pretty well again, and I only have to use the imaginary brake in the passenger seat every so often!!

Wednesday I had a 2-hour ride on the schedule.  In Krabi, we went about 400m and took a left, and it was uninterrupted roads for almost as long as you wanted to ride.  In Austin, when I started it took me about 15 minutes to ride 10 minutes, and I still was not where I needed to be.  So I made a few more turns and ended up back at the house about 20 or so minutes after I left.   I put the bike on the trainer, threw it into gear, and pounded out my ride.  Then I rode to the new commuter rail train station to catch the train downtown, missed the train by about 30 seconds, and ended up riding to downtown to lead a run class.  Miles are miles, right?  I got in a little bit of extra riding on Wednesday!

We are getting adjusted back to Austin life, but trying to keep it as Thai-like as possible!

Doc said to race a bit more…racing helps prepare you for racing.  I have always liked racing, it makes the training tolerable!!  And, just to throw in my $0.02 (2 cents)…it is too common for athletes to focus too much on one race and avoid all the fun ones that they could do along the way without really interrupting training!

I have a 70.3 coming up on April 25 and probably another in early June.  May is still a bit TBD.  So, I found a local Olympic Distance triathlon…local in Texas is anything within about 3 hours!!  On Sunday I will be racing the Gateway to the Bay triathlon in Kemah, TX.  They have an Alcatraz like swim start where we jump off a boat.  They are also doing a charity raffle to race with either Matty Reed or Andy Potts on your relay.  Andy will be swimming for a relay, and Matty will be running on a different relay.  The charity it benefits is Jenny’s light.  I have linked everything so you can read more about it all.

This will be the first real “hit out” of the season as our teammates say.  I will get to see some of the folks that I have known almost since I started racing triathlons in the same area in 1988!  Will post a race report next week.

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