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New Orleans 70.3 Race Report « Brandon Marsh's Blog


New Orleans 70.3 Race Report

I am going to pass on the Gateway to the Bay race report and go right to the New Orleans 70.3 race report.

First off, I did this race last year.  Some of the logistics were nightmarish as were other parts of the race.  This year, in my opinion, they addressed and fixed just about all of the issues.  Bill Burke and PEM did a great job, and Amy and I had no complaints.

I will start with this.  I went to NOLa to be a pro and make some $$.  After all, that is part of what being a professional is about.  Last year I was 6th and took home a paycheck.  The field was solid, but not super.  This year with the new WTC rules, you never really know who is racing for sure until either the pre-race meeting or the actual morning of the race.  Turns out, the field this year was going to be tougher than last year with Andy Potts, Terrenzo Bozzone, Chris McCormack, Paul Amey, and Dirk Bokel to name a few.  Long story short, it does not matter who races.  I was 9th and missed out on the last $$ spot by 3-4 minutes since it went 7 deep.

The swim was rough and choppy.  I found myself in a good position at the first buoy and was solidly in the lead pack.  We were about 1.5 minutes down on Andy.  Transition was quick.  I was on the bike with the leaders and stayed with the bunch through about 10k…the pace was fast and furious.  I made a couple of position choices that would end up costing me some time on the bike as the riders in front of me ended up losing the bunch for one reason or another.  I rode most of the last 70k or so solo…with the exception of one “cling on” that seemed to have an ear for the official motor cycle and moved just far enough back to stay clear of a penalty.  I was off the bike in 8th.

I started the run solid, but did not have a lot of snap in the legs.  I pushed on and it looked like I was gaining on one of the guys in front of me but was also losing a bit of ground to an athlete behind me.  I was passed about mile 8 and moved into 9th position.  I would stay there for the remainder of the run.

9th place again.  My last 4 races have been 9th place…IM Wisconsin, IM Florida, IM China, and 70.3 New Orleans.  I am looking to improve on that in just under 2 weeks at the Wildflower Triathlon in California on May 1.

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