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Monday, May 24th, 2010

It’s not that I have a lot of time.  I feel like it goes faster now than ever, and it usually involves a fair bit of working out.  But, today, I had a rare…yes rare…day off from training.  So, some randoms…

- Is anyone really surprised about the latest cycling drama?  It happens about once a year seems like, sometimes more.  We’ll see how this one shakes out.

- I’m continually amazed at how clueless people can be at times.  Most recently I have noticed it when watching people cross the street.  As soon as the little sign says walk, they walk with no apparent looking or anything to see if some car might be heading straight for them.  I especially like it when they then take their time crossing the street when they start walking about the time the “don’t walk” sign shows.

- Start lists are nearly useless for pro races now.  Three races on the same weekend and some athletes are listed on all three.  I guess if it o.k., then it is o.k.

- Long course swimming can be tough.  Even though we swim in a beautiful 50m x 25y pool at the University of Texas, it is rare that we get the 50m lanes for the whole workout.  5,400m of long course after nearly 2 months of all short course swimming is tough!

- I have not quite been able to stop drinking a little bit of coffee after getting 1-2 Nescafes on my rides in Thailand.  Only now, it is usually after a workout that I grab a coffee…but only 3 per week.  Yesterday I had a Rockstar Roasted Mocha on my long ride…I think it works.

Time flies when you are having fun.  Thanks to TeamTBB, Cervelo, Token, Louis Garneau, B70, Avia, 3T, and some of our local sponsors for helping us out!!  See you at the races, next up is 70.3 Mooseman in New Hampshire…never been to New Hampshire.

Sox…$ vs. $$…

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Yesterday was kind of a typical day of training for a TeamTBB pro.  Actually it was a bit ‘easier’, but I use that term loosely.  It still involved a run, a swim, a bike for a pretty good total.  It was raining here in Austin, and my bike workout was going to be on the trainer because of the weather and the rush hour trafffic, AND it was nearly derailed by a barrage of flat tires…but that is the story for another blog.

I finished my bike, took off my socks, which I had been wearing the better part of the day…including my run and wondered if cheap socks were as good as the more pricey ones?

After reading Matt’s blog about how to survive in a tropical climate…I know a bit about nearly tropical climates since I grew up near Houston…I went to our nearest discount store and bought like 6 pair of ‘sport’ socks for about $3.  I also took with me to Thailand some more designer running socks purchased from the local running store that were probably at least $6 a pair and hailed from James’ home country.

Both pair made it through camp, and have made it through some training back home here in Austin.  I suspect I wear each pair about once a week…seems I go through more training clothes each week now than ever.  The designer socks we will call them have a hole in one toe, and the heels are nearly worn through.  The cheap socks are no worse for the wear.  My feet cannot really tell the difference either.  So, after almost 4 straight months of wearing both $ and $$ socks, I have come to the conclusion that I will most likely be purchasing most of my ‘sport’ socks across the street at the discount store as they seem to last at least as long and from all outside appearances hold up better!!

Wildflower Race Report

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

I was going to try to come up with something clever like “sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes you’re the hydrant” or “If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, Why am I in the Pits?”  But, those would not really convey my race at Wildflower…sure it wasn’t what I wanted, but to use a word from a fellow pros blog it is a “process”…a learning process at that.  I would like to say Wildflower was just “one of those days” but then again, I was probably my own worst enemy last weekend.

The week before the race, I had a dodgy calf as some of my teammates would say.  I took orders from coach, kept some heat on it, ran slowly, very slowly, and headed to the race not sure if my leg was going to hold up or not.

Long story short, I was a bit too worried about my calf to focus on the race.  My race as coach said was all about “hesitation”.  I was hesitant on the swim and ended up pulling around the 2nd pack instead of sitting firmly in the front pack.  I was hesitant on the run out of transition and watched the Caveman and the others drop me like a bag of rocks.  I probably panicked early in the ride and feel like I lost scads of time in the first 20 miles.   I do feel like I rode solidly the last 1/2 of the ride and did manage to pick off a few athletes…but the damage was done.

Heck, I even took the time in transition to put on compression sox for the run just to be “safe”.  As a side note, I have NO IDEA how people use these things in races…they are so hard to get on.  I think that a 12 year old doing the sprint Xterra race passed me in the first mile.  All the while instead of just going for it, I was hesitating and waiting for another blow out like the Saturday before.  I was in 15th off the bike.  Miles 1 through 5 came and went.  I made it up the steep hill at mile 5 with no blowout.  Finally about mile 7 I started running.  My hesitation was over, but so was any hope of salvaging a good race.

When a race has the prestige of Wildflower and one of the strongest pro fields at a 1/2 IM distance race this year, there is no room for hesitation.  I crossed the line 15th well off the mark set by the winner and only a couple of minutes faster than I was in 2007.  But, it is time to put that behind me and get on with “being better than I think that I am”…

On a side note…Wildflower is one of the classic US triathlons.  Terry Davis and his crew do an awesome job.  Pros are taken care of, and there is a lot to do and see for the age groupers.  It really is the Woodstock of triathlon, and if you have not done it…it is well worth it…even if it is not an “official” 70.3 event.  The aid stations on the run are packed with Cal Poly students, the expo is first class, and it is just a great atmosphere all around.