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Sox…$ vs. $$…

Yesterday was kind of a typical day of training for a TeamTBB pro.  Actually it was a bit ‘easier’, but I use that term loosely.  It still involved a run, a swim, a bike for a pretty good total.  It was raining here in Austin, and my bike workout was going to be on the trainer because of the weather and the rush hour trafffic, AND it was nearly derailed by a barrage of flat tires…but that is the story for another blog.

I finished my bike, took off my socks, which I had been wearing the better part of the day…including my run and wondered if cheap socks were as good as the more pricey ones?

After reading Matt’s blog about how to survive in a tropical climate…I know a bit about nearly tropical climates since I grew up near Houston…I went to our nearest discount store and bought like 6 pair of ‘sport’ socks for about $3.  I also took with me to Thailand some more designer running socks purchased from the local running store that were probably at least $6 a pair and hailed from James’ home country.

Both pair made it through camp, and have made it through some training back home here in Austin.  I suspect I wear each pair about once a week…seems I go through more training clothes each week now than ever.  The designer socks we will call them have a hole in one toe, and the heels are nearly worn through.  The cheap socks are no worse for the wear.  My feet cannot really tell the difference either.  So, after almost 4 straight months of wearing both $ and $$ socks, I have come to the conclusion that I will most likely be purchasing most of my ‘sport’ socks across the street at the discount store as they seem to last at least as long and from all outside appearances hold up better!!

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