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“Sunnies” Sponsor Anyone!? « Brandon Marsh's Blog


“Sunnies” Sponsor Anyone!?

I will let the others cover the details, provide links, photos, etc. of our photo shoot.  But last week around training, we had a Team photo shoot with Cervelo, 3T, and Blue 70.  So, we got to ride around on our bikes, maybe “strike a pose” or two, and maybe you will see some of us in ads for 2011.  I have to say that my sunglasses were one of the “jokes” of the photo shoot.  Amy and I do not have a sunglasses sponsor, but I was wearing a pair of free shades.  They were “free on the side of the road” according to James, who loved to point that out.  When we watched the Tour de Swiss, www.sport.sf.tv was covering some of the event and was handing out shades.  So, those were the ones that I wore during the photo shoot!!  So, if anyone out there from Oakley (or others for that matter) is reading, “sunnies” would be much appreciated!!

But, that’s not what I found to be really cool…

Cervelo and 3T both did technical presentations for us.  They showed some of the new stuff that is going to come out for 2011.  They talked in engineering terms that I hadn’t really heard since college or at least not a whole lot since college.  Words like Computational Fluid Dyanmics Modeling or Finite Element Analysis.

Anyhoo…the general gist of the presentations was that the Cervelo P4 is really a fast bike.  They are also doing some work so that the maintenance on it will be a little faster as well.  3T spends a LOT of time working on their aerobars for safety, quality, and speed.  Kind of made me feel at least a little better about riding carbon bars!  I have to say that I have been very impressed with the quality of the 3T bars, especially since mine and Amy’s have both hit the deck recently and are no worse for the wear.  And, I do like my P4.

Blue Seventy is coming out with a new line of triathlon clothing.  I have not used it in the water yet, but just wearing it around or riding/running in it is very comfortable.  I am looking forward to the first race in it!

I will leave you with a shot of the 3T bars and my “free on the side of the road” sunnies!!


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